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Latest Reviews & Previews

Green Hell Review - Will you Survive in the Jungles of the Amazon? Check out Nate as he tries to survive in one of the latest singleplayer/coop survival games on the next generation of Xbox!

How good is the latest Rainbow Six game? What sort of changes have been made since Siege? Drew, Steve, and Scot dig in, smash the objectives and get out!

A new entry to the punishing subgenre! Does this gametype work with rogue-lite? How does the action line up with other 2D side scrollers? Scot takes a look at that, and more in this weeks review!

Latest Episodes

Studio And Developer Interviews...

That's right Last Oasis is coming to the Xbox! We had a chance to sit down with Donkey Crew and talk with them about it coming to console.

Drew sat down with some of the incredible voices behind the HITMAN franchise the lovely Jane Perry - Diana Burnwood and the sultry voice of David Bateson - Agent 47 to talk about HITMAN 3 and much more.

Drew and a few others had some time to speak to PEOPLE CAN FLY the visual and technical creators of the upcoming co-op shooter - OUTRIDERS. Will this be your next shooter?