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After being brought back to life in the game and the actual game. Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Rockoning is a massive RPG. But, is it the RPG you are looking for? Nate and Drew give you their thoughts on the game that's now on current gen consoles.

Cory hit's the links in PGA Tour 2K21. Golf is season is back, but is this your next golf sim? Cory has you covered as he tries for that hole in one!

This is DONTNOD's best work yet. A broken family in a remote part of Alaska has twins Allison and Tyler on a mysterious adventure to find out what's happened with their mother....That's only the beginning! Drew and Nate review this adventure, is it your next adventure? Find out.

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Studio And Developer Interviews...

After the fall of Paragon, a 3rd person MOBA, had many people lost as they weren't able to find a similar MOBA that would connect with thing in the same way. Thanks to Omeda Studios, things have changed! Drew interviewed Robbie, one of the co-founders at Omeda to bring back Paragon in a new light.

Nate talks with Mark about A Fold Apart. A puzzle game about long distance relationships with folding paper puzzles.

Drew get's to meet one of his legends within the gaming industry...the Kinda Funny team!