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Drew and Nate head off to Haven Springs as Alex finally meets her brother after all those years, but things don't go well for long and that's the beginning of Alex's story in Haven Springs. Did Deck Nine get this story right? Find out now in the latest ITG Review.

The guys are off to Yara as one of the biggest dictators turns Dani's country into slavery. Join La Libertad and get it back! With an incredible cast of characters that places the FARCRY series on another level. With so much to do and talk about, check out the review for FARCRY 6!

Cory crash lands into Residual on the Nintendo Switch this week. This 2D pixelated survival game will have you farming resources and traversing the underground caverns in search of items to repair your ship! Cory gives his thoughts on the gameplay and mechanics of the game. From the great art style to the randomly generated planets, Residual checks alot of the survival genre boxes.

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Studio And Developer Interviews...

That's right Last Oasis is coming to the Xbox! We had a chance to sit down with Donkey Crew and talk with them about it coming to console.

Drew sat down with some of the incredible voices behind the HITMAN franchise the lovely Jane Perry - Diana Burnwood and the sultry voice of David Bateson - Agent 47 to talk about HITMAN 3 and much more.

Drew and a few others had some time to speak to PEOPLE CAN FLY the visual and technical creators of the upcoming co-op shooter - OUTRIDERS. Will this be your next shooter?