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GOD OF WAR RAGNAROK getting a release date?

September 22 2021

Are we getting the God of War Ragnarok release date soon? Legal officer leaves Blizzard Ent amidst lawsuit, and 343 responds to fans about Halo Infinite battle pass progression system.

Activision Blizzard! The saga continues!

September 21 2021

Xbox Controller updates? More Splitgate to come it seems.Apex has a new round of issues and League of Legends changes some rules.

No Way That's Happening!

September 20 2021

Could Quantic Dream be working on a Star Wars title? What's next for Naughty Dog, Uncharted or is it The Last of Us 3 and it made its way into the top 5 on Steam!

Oh those PlayStation Games on PC?

September 17 2021

Could we get a cheaper Storage card for Xbox? Halo MCC seasonal content is coming to an end and NVIDIA Geforce NOW leaks what PlayStation titles are coming to PC.

Horizon Zero Dawn VR?

September 16 2021

Could we be getting a Horizon Zero Dawn/Forbidden West VR game? Xbox will be at the Tokyo Game Show, but it's not geared towards NA, and is Battlefield 2042 going the way of a delay, but not for too long.

Splitgate Looks to Boost Development!

September 15 2021

Splitgate receives massive funding to help with the continued development of the game. Dying Light 2 sees a delay until early 2022 and we're getting a Driver live action series?

Stadia's next step?

September 14 2021

More with Google Stadia as the guys were asked for help, Wolverine will be a full game as mentioned by the director of the upcoming title and details leak about Arkanes next title Redfall!

Stadia loses another one!

September 13 2021

Google Stadia loses another Exec, Jack Buser moves on. Could we get another Star Fox from Platinum Games? And is it over??? Epic wins lawsuit against Apple

Naughty Naughty, The Last of Us 2 Multiplayer?

September 9 2021

Could Naughty Dog be coming to the PlayStation showcase? A RAID is coming to Marvel's Avenger and Spider-Man is still coming as well and we get you caught up in this week of Stadia!

State of Play is on the Horizon

September 8 2021

Was this week's State of Play just leaked? An Alan Wake Remastered listing was leaked and GTA mods are shutting down.

Next maybe for you in 2023

September 7 2021

Bethesda receives backlash from Sony fans about Starfield being an Xbox exclusive. Next gen console shortages could last as long as 2023 and YES, Horizon Forbidden West will be a free upgrade from PS4 to PS5 as previously stated.

TimTheTatman leaves Twitch TOO!

September 3 2021

Another top streamer leaves Twitch for YouTube in the same week! New State of Play next week. Battlefield 2042 beta dates have seemed to be leaked and Abandoned isn't called Abandoned anymore!

PUBG's Brendan Greene forms new studio!

September 2 2021

PUBG's creator Brendan Greene leaves Krafton to start a new studio. Tokyo Game show 2021 is back and once again all digital and more games coming to Game Pass.

CD Projekt Red seeks help for Cyberpunk 2077!

September 1 2021

CDPR looks to bring on the modding community to fix their game. Gamescom saw massive numbers through the digital only event and a Fallout veteran leave's Bethesda.

The Dr. is IN!

August 31 2021

DrLupo signs a deal and leaves the streaming giant - Twitch! Could we be getting a Death Stranding 2? And PlayStation is bringing more to the Open Series Tournaments.

What's up with Halo Infinite?

August 30 2021

Where was Halo Infinite's campaign at Gamescom? We have the details, Halo Infinite multiplayer is changing up the way you earn XP...YOU DON'T! And Discord turned down Microsoft's $12 Billion dollar deal!

It's the Elden Ring!

August 27 2021

Bandai Namco's Elden Ring is already winning awards, Overwatch dev team change McCree's name and cloud gaming is expected to make billions by 2024.

Horizon Forbidden West Next Year!

August 26 2021

Horizon Forbidden West will arrive next year! Sony could be changing up the PlayStation storefront and some PS Plus members are getting locked out?

Halo Infinite Release date leaked!

August 25 2021

Halo Infinite release date has been leaked, when will we play Halo Infinite? We recap the Xbox Gamescom showcase and a sealed copy of Legend of Zelda sells big!

Halo Infinite Almost Delayed?!

August 24 2021

Halo will not have Co-op at Launch!

August 23 2021

Halo Infinite will be missing a few key features at launch, Hideo Kojima might make an adventure game? And the world of Quake is shaking it up on Game Pass

Sea of Thieves is BIG!

August 20 2021

Sea of Thieves is bigger now than it's original launch, Cyberpunk has a new update with free content and Scarlet Witch is coming to Marvel's Avenger that was found in a glitch.

Spider-Man still coming this year!

August 19 2021

Battlefield 2042 pulls inspiration from Escape from Tarkov and Hunt: Showdown. Spider-man exclusive is still coming to Marvel's Avengers on PlayStation this year and Outriders have yet to make a profit despite selling well.

It's out of CONTROL!

August 17 2021

Control surpassed 10 million players. Dishonored is coming to Netflix and will we finally see the Master Chief in a TV series?

So many titles on Game Pass!

August 12 2021

Glu CEO and COO are leaving shortly after being acquired by EA, updates are coming to Oculus for multiplayer fans and EA is bringing even more titles to Xbox Game Pass.

PlayStation Plus Premium Model?

August 11 2021

PlayStation Plus could receive a premium subscription model, we could see a new State of Play next week, and there are more than technical issues at Blue Box Games Studio with the Abandoned Real Time Experience.

A new South Game in development!

August 10 2021

A new South Park game is in development, Xbox is going to Gamescom and we have the details for you plus Xbox Cloud Gaming is available for Insiders on PC.

PSVR 2 Leaks!

August 6 2021

PSVR 2 details leaked, 7 new Indie titles are coming to PlayStation and Activision Blizzard problems continue with shareholders and sponsors.

Battlefield 2042 going Free 2 Play?

August 5 2021

Battlefield 2042 becomes a live service and possibly free to play? Ghost of Tsushima Legends brings on the Rivals and Nintendo Switch is selling well.

14 Million PS5's are coming!

August 4 2021

14 Million PlayStation 5's on the way, a Battlefield short film is on the way and Valve give's permission for Half Life 2 fan remake!

Is Halo Infinite receiving a Battle Royal mode?

August 3 2021

Is Halo Infinite receiving a battle royale mode? Take Two sales dip in first quarter but GTA V hits 150 million copies and Playdate sells out!

Is Horizon Forbidden West getting delayed?

July 30 2021

PlayStation's big title of 2021 could be delayed? The Last of Us, COD and God War dev's team up with a new studio, and PlayStation is looking to bring more games to PC.

Its time...Halo Infinite tech test is here!

July 29 2021

Ubisoft employees are taking a stand, the Halo Infinite tech test begins now...are you ready for the fight? Despite no PS5 consoles available SIE sells in massive numbers...millions!

Activision Blizzard's Response was Tone Deaf

July 28 2021

Bobby Kotick say's Activision Blizzard's response was tone deaf, now it's MGS and Abandoned?...Blue Box is at it again and Valve doesn't want to draw comparisons to the Switch.

Splitgate see's massive numbers

July 27 2021

Rainbow Six Siege looking to bring a warm up mode, Splitgate delays their game, but it's with good reason and there's a cancelled Zelda game from the mid-2000's? Let's go...It's ITG Daily!

Could we play Halo Infinite Soon?

July 26 2021

Could we play Halo Infinite this weekend? For Honor will not be coming to Google Stadia and Activision Blizzard former CEO takes to Twitter. There's lots to talk about so let's go...It's ITG Daily!

It's the EA Play Live Recap

July 23 2021

EA Play Live recap starting with Battlefield Portal, Grid is back, a return of a horror fan favorite and a new title showcased at the event as well. There's lots to talk about so let's go...It's ITG Daily!

Jade Raymond's New IP

July 22 2021

Activision Blizzard being investigated, Jade Raymond's new IP will be a game as a service and there are more surprises on the way for year 2 of Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

Where are you Beyond Good & Evil 2?

July 21 2021

Ubisoft placed a call loaded with updates - R6S, Assassins Creed, Beyond Good & Evil 2, Skull & Bones - Lots to talk about today.

BattleCat is Revealed!

July 20 2021

Ubisoft explains BattleCat and reveals the title of XDefiant. Skate 4 teased from the new studio Full Circle and is The Coalition working on a new IP?

Ubisoft - The Good, The Bad and The Delayed

July 19 2021

Ubisoft is in hot water with a lawsuit, not one but two games become delayed and what does Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon and The Division have in common? A new game!

Steam is going portable!

July 16 2021

Steam goes handheld with a portable PC, is PlayStation's partnership with Netflix to battle Xbox Game Pass and Resident Evil Re-Verse is delayed.

NETFLIX getting into Gaming?

July 15 2021

Netflix wants to bring games to the service, Head of Xbox looks at the PS5 Dual Sense for possible Xbox controller changes and Stadia introduces new rev share for Pro titles.

Rainbow Six Crosses Paths

July 14 2021

Nickelodeon wants to Brawl, Xbox is building more narrative games now than ever and Rainbow Six Extraction will have cross-play and.cross-progression!

Mario 64 is worth $$$$$$

July 13 2021

Mario 64 Sells for over a million dollars $$$ Silent Hill rumors continue and Final Fantasy XIV sells out of digital copies!

PlayStation State of Play Recap

July 12 2021

Cyberpunk 2077 is back on top, Game Pass is great for Avalanche Studios and will we see GOW Ragnarok next month?

PlayStation State of Play Recap

July 9 2021

It's a PlayStation State of Play recap! Was this our PlayStation E3?

Crime Pays in Red Dead Online

July 8 2021

It's a crime in Red Dead Online, Minecraft now has age restrictions and Apex hackers achieved nothing at all!

Assassin's Creed going Games of Service!

July 7 2021

Ubisoft is looking to make Assassin's Creed a Games Of Service, could Valorant be getting a Battle Royale mode, and Pokemon Go made how much in 5 years?


July 6 2021

NINTENDO OLED SWITCH! PlayStation State of Play this Thursday and EA looks to bring ad's to F2P titles! Don't expect to see the next Mass Effect or Dragon Age at EA Play Live this year all that and more!

Are we getting a PlayStation State of Play this week?

July 5 2021

Are we going to see a PlayStation State of Play this week? Google stadia could be on more devices soon and Oculus goes Pro?

Halo Infinite is not Make or BREAK!

July 2 2021

Halo Infinite is not make or break for the IP, Kojima's next game is an Xbox exclusive and no more Smash Bros DLC fighters.

Did Sony acquire another studio?

July 1 2021

Did PlayStation Japan leak another Sony acquired studio? Could we see a new Silent Hill and mobile gamers are spending so much money!

GTA 6 is coming...much later than you think!

June 30 2021

GTA 6 will be 2025!?! Casey Hudson starts his own studio and you can start your Doom Eternal campaign all over again right?

Housemarque Joins the PlayStation Family

June 29 2021

Sony acquires powerhouse team Housemarque, ID Software is working on an untitled project and Xbox Cloud Gaming is now for all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members.

Halo Infinite MP Season details

June 28 2021

First details on Halo Infinite's MP Season, CDPR says they are currently satisfied with Cyberpunk 2077 state of the game and when will we get Spider-Man in Marvel's Avengers?

FABLE is in amazing HANDS!

June 25 2021

FABLE is in amazing hands, Sucker Punch working on a standalone Ghost of Tsushima and Killer Instinct can wait a bit longer.

Phil's confident in Halo Infinite

June 24 2021

Left 4 Dead is back, Phil Spencer is confident Halo Infinite will launch this holiday and EA buys another mobile studio!

Who's Going to PAX?

June 23 2021

PAX West is back, More on really its not Silent Hill and Top pre-orders of E3.! All that and more!

Kojima's Next Project?

June 22 2021

FF getting an animated TV series, is Kojima's next project Abandoned for PS5 and Sony supports cross-play!

Cyberpunk 2077 Returns

June 18 2021

Cyberpunk 2077 is back, Twitch hits new records and Nintendo was the most seen E3 conference this year.

Bethesda is sorry!

June 17 2021

The guys have their final thoughts of E3 2021. Bethesda apologizes to PlayStation fans, and more Xbox games.

Its ITG Daily with the Nintendo Direct Recap!

June 16 2021

Join the guys for ITG Daily as they breakdown the Nintendo Direct E3 showcase and more.

It's time for ITG Daily and the Ubisoft, Square Enix & Capcom Recap!

June 15 2021

Its time for ITG Daily June 15th. The guys recap the Ubisoft, Square Enix and Capcom E3 showcases. How'd they do?

Xbox & Bethesda Recap

June 14 2021

Join Drew and Scot as they give their final thoughts on just how well the Xbox & Bethesda E3 Showcase was.

Its you Summer Game Fest Recap

June 11 2021

E3 officially kicked off with Geoff Keighley's Summer Game Fest and the guys break down the event today with all the news.

E3 is Starting!

June 10 2021

Battlefield 2042 was revealed with more to come and E3 is kicking off and the guys have a few predictions!

Square Enix Presents E3

June 9 2021

What does Square Enix have in store for E3, Ubisoft's next Rainbow 6 game and the game sales are in for May.

Good-bye Splinter Cell FOREVER!

June 8 2021

Splinter Cell has vanished, there's a new PVP Tom Clancy title instead, could PlayStation fans be getting Sunset Overdrive and Deep Silver tempers expectations.

GOD of War Coming 2022 and maybe Horizon Forbidden West

June 7 2021

Big titles could see delays, it's E3 week! Days Gone developer Bend Studio working on a new IP and more with ITG Daily.

Xbox + Bethesda E3 Showcase Locked and Loaded

May 27 2021

Epic Games let's dev's check out Unreal Engine 5 demo, more Pokémon and Xbox-Bethesda showcase is locked and loaded.

Horizon Forbidden West Details Coming

May 26 2021

PlayStation State of Play brings us Horizon Forbidden West! Valve is making a handheld and what does A Wonderful Life and the latest Ratchet and Clank game have in common?

Xbox & Bethesda to bring 5 new titles this summer!

May 25 2021

Xbox and Bethesda to reveal 5 new titles this summer Ubisoft making changes and Final Fantasy could be getting a spinoff title?

Overwatch 2 details!

May 21 2021

Overwatch 2 PVP is now 5V5, Xbox and Bethesda join hands for another conference and troubles still in the waters at Ubisoft.

Outriders will be Square's next major franchise!

May 20 2021

Outriders reaches 3.5 million players, Summer Games Fest is back and GTA V player completes the game without taking any damage!

Who doesn't own GTA V?

May 19 2021

Take Two hit's massive numbers with NBA 2K21 and GTA Online, Apple Vs Epic continues and we have the latest on the Xbox Game Pass release lineup.

Mass Effect Set's New Records!

May 18 2021

Mass Effect sets new records, Twitch is dropping it's price for subs and what's the future of WB Games?

STARFIELD is an Xbox exclusive!

May 17 2021

Xbox celebrates 20 years! Starfield is an Xbox exclusive and a Ghostrunner sequel is in the works.

Stadia is Alive and Well!

May 14 2021

Google Stadia is well, E3 details are here and Rainbow Six Quarantine this year?

PS5's are Ramping UP!

May 13 2021

PS5 is ramping up, Sega looks to the future with the past and Xbox forms a new partnership.

Is Valve coming to CONSOLE?

May 12 2021

A new VR Headset from HTC, PSVR 2 leaks and are Valve games coming to console?

NO PS5's this YEAR!

May 11 2021

Sony won't have PS5's this year, the Coalition is working on multiple projects and Ubisofts new brand.

Epic could have paid $200 Million to Sony!

May 10 2021

Epic could have paid Sony $200 million dollars, Vita is slowly dying! The Witcher 3 could have fan mods.

TEEN spends BIG money on FIFA

May 7 2021

The Division's new title is F2P, MELE file size is not small and FIFA makes big cash off of one person. All that and more in ITG Daily.

PlayStation redesign?

May 6 2021

PlayStation boost, a PS5 redesign, Xbox not making money and another one leaves Stadia.

The Battle between EPIC and APPLE

May 5 2021

Apex Season 9 launch troubles, Sledgehammer is developing the next COD to launch this year and the battle continues between EPIC and APPLE.

WE'RE BACK! PlayStation partners with Discord!

May 4 2021

The guys are back and pumped to talk about everything in games. PS has a new partner, IO making an new RPG and cheaters never win plus much more.

The Last Of Us movie and more!

April 29 2021

The Last Of Us movie was cancelled, Titanfall 2 numbers are up and game sales keep booming.

PS5 out selling PS4's!

April 28 2021

Xbox brings 4 exclusives to E3, PS5 is outselling the PS4 and The Last of Us Part 3?

GTA VI rumors!!!

April 27 2021

GTA VI rumors are flying. EA responds about FIFA and the next State of Play is here.

STARFIELD is it really YOU?

April 26 2021

Drew and Scot are back, is Starfield launching this fall? Respawn wins an Oscar and rumors are flying. Join the guys live on ITG Daily.

We have new BIOMUTANT details.

April 23 2021

New Boimutant details, COD gets colorful and Battlefield goes mobile. All that and more on ITG Daily with Drew and Scot.

COD sold how MANY???

April 22 2021

#cod's numbers are staggering! #PS5 is the best selling console and #Xbox goes F2P. Drew @ArtisticGamer28 and Scot @Teh_Savage have you covered on ITG Daily with the hottest news from the gaming space!

Jeff Kaplan Leaves Blizzard!

April 21 2021

Jeff Kaplan leaves Blizzard, PS Plus adds movies and Frostpunk celebrates 3 years!


April 19 2021

Is snake back with more MGS? Battlefield 6 next gen only and Spider Man sells big! All that and more on today's ITG Daily!

Resident Evil show - YIKES

April 16 2021

Let's get scared with the RE Showcase, Ubisoft Forward was announced and more in today's ITG Daily with Drew and Scot

It's an Indie Showcase

April 15 2021

Its a new episode of ITG Daily with the guys talking about the Nintendo Indie World Showcase, Days Gone on PC and more.

New Sucker Punch Multiplayer Game

April 14 2021

A new day brings Drew and Scot to talk about a game from Sucker Punch, Days Gone 2 not cancelled and Xbox/Nintendo together?

PS5 USB Storage added

April 13 2021

Drew and Scot are back with more ITG Daily. Is Drew heading back to Fortnite? PlayStation 5 USB Storage added and more on today's ITG Daily!

MGS is alive?

April 12 2021

Could Metal Gear Solid be coming back? PlayStation has an answer for Game Pass and there's a lot more to talk about in ITG Daily.

Saying Good-bye to Days Gone!

April 9 2021

Drew and Scot are back with more ITG Daily. Days Gone seems to be finished. Big Outriders patch and Stadia bringing us more games!

Kojima next project on XBOX?

April 8 2021

It's ITG Daily with Drew ArtisticGamer28 and Scot Teh_Savage as they break down Black Desert F2P and is Kojima coming to Xbox?

E3 Is BACK!?!

April 7 2021

It's ITG Daily with Drew @ArtisticGamer28 and Scot @Teh_Savage as they break down ME Legendary Edition and is E3 back? Plus a whole lot more because its time for ITG Daily!

Remedy PS5 Exclusive!

April 6 2021

It's another day of ITG Daily with Drew - @ArtisticGamer28 and Scot - @Teh_Savage as they break down Remedy's next game, Battlefield rumors and more.

Is Titanfall Back!?!

April 5 2021

Its and new week and ArtisticGamer28 and @Teh_Savage are breaking down the hottest news in the gaming industry for you in ITG Daily for April 5th. Titanfall is back, The Show comes to Game Pass and PSVita lives!

God of War RagnaNOPE!

April 1 2021

It's a new day which means we have more to talk about.

CDPR are back in the NEWS!

March 31 2021

Pikmin AR game, MK movie delayed and CDPR are back in the news once again and with a ton to talk about.

Battlefield 6 Leaks!

March 30 2021

Scot is back and so is ITG Daily. Battlefield 6 Leaks, the future of game conventions and its official PlayStation stores are closed

Hot Topics!

March 29 2021

It's Monday and we're loaded with news. Cyberpunk Patch, Anthem Dev leaves and EA is getting back to Golf. @ArtisticGamer28 and @NorthernNerdCst

Ghost of Tsushima Movie

March 26 2021

The guys are back again with more, this time! They're covering the ID@Xbox Showcase. Come and hang out and watch along.


March 25 2021

ITG Daily is back for March 25th with @ArtisticGamer28 and @Teh_Savage Covering the DICE awards, MLB The Show, Reggie leaves GameStop and more.

Another Game Movie?!? Demon's Souls

March 24 2021

Demon Soul's could become a move, Amazon opens another studio and more on today's ITG Daily.

Xbox Buying Discord for $10 Billion Dollars?

March 23 2021

Drew and Scot are covering the latest in the gaming news on today's show. PlayStation and Switch rumors...oh my! So much to talk about, is Microsoft buying Discord for $10 Billion Dollars?

ID@XBOX is ready to SHOWCASE!

March 22 2021

ITG Daily with @ArtisticGamer28 and @Teh_Savage has you covered with the latest in gaming news. The guys get into the new #PSVR controllers, @ID_Xbox showcase, @PAYDAYGame 3 and more.