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Good-Bye Halo Infinite!

February 2nd 2023

343 Industries are moving to Unreal Engine heading into the future, but does that mean saying good-bye to Halo Infinite? EA has seemingly canceled another game and Redfall needs you to be connected online all the time, even in single-player.

NO Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo At E3!

February 1st 2023

Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo not going to E3 once again! Is the rise of Summer Game Fest taking over E3? Sony cuts PSVR2 pre-order after disappointing pre-orders and is PlayStation teasing the next Uncharted?

Halo and 343 Are Critical To Xbox!

January 30th 2023

Phil Spencer claims the importance of 343 and Halo for the future of Xbox. Did Horizon's multiplayer game just leak and we just saw the latest from Turn 10 Studios but is their game delayed?

The Next FAR CRY!

January 27th 2023

Ubisoft is back with more FAR CRY and they're working on something else for the franchise. Neil Druckmann drops some hints for the upcoming The Last Of Us Multiplayer and what is going on with The Day Before?

How Was The Xbox Direct?

January 26th 2023

We recap the Xbox developer direct, was it worth your time? We have bad news for Uncharted fans as Naughty Dog is moving on from the franchise, what's this mean for the future of The Last Of Us and Xbox returns to LA for a summer showcase.

007 Coming To Xbox GamePass!!

January 25th 2023

Xbox finally did it! We're getting one of the best games from the Nintendo 64 era coming to Xbox GamePass. The Gollum game has a new launch window and some PSVR games will receive a free upgrade to PSVR2.

The Last Of Us Part 1 Sales Skyrocket!

January 24th 2023

The Last of Us Part 1 absolutely skyrocketed thanks to the HBO series. Respawn's upcoming Star Wars title bringing multiplayer and Cyberpunk 2077's next DLC is expensive and larger than any of The Witcher 3's!

Good-Bye Marvel Avengers!

January 23rd 2023

Marvel's Avengers will see its final update coming this March! If you pre-ordered Skull and Bones, well, you might see a refund and another developer is leaving 343 Industries, but he's not going too far!

More Marvel Coming to PlayStation!

January 19th 2023

PlayStation wants to keep the exclusives coming to the platform from Marvel Games. Sony's ready to leave your PS4 behind and Microsoft is planning massive layoffs for Xbox and Bethesda.

It's Not Wolverine's Time!

January 18th 2023

Despite the rumors, it seems Marvel's Wolverine may not release this year, so what are we getting from PlayStation in 2023? Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League leaks show a battle pass on the way and is Ubisoft Paris about to go on strike?

Beyond Good and Evil 2 Coming!

January 17th 2023

No it is still comingUbisoft said they are still working on the sequel it's coming, Beyond Good and Evil 2 is still in development! We get a release time frame for Black Myth: Wukong and is Starfield getting delayed?

Finally A PlayStation State Of Play!

January 16th 2023

PlayStation to announce a 3rd party State of Play? Metal Gear Solid Remake anyone! The next Assassin's Creed game Mirage will be smaller in scale and The Callisto Protocol has disappointed its publisher.

Selling Off Ubisoft!

January 13th 2023

Rumours are flying once again that Ubisoft is looking to sell the company but is getting laughed at instead. More bad news for Microsoft as more speak up about the Activision acquisition and Marvel's Snap's next update is going to be a big one!

Skull & Bones Delayed Yet Again!

January 12th 2023

Ubisoft delaysSkull & Bones AGAIN! For the 6th time. Sony's upcoming Sci-fi RPG game is being created by the Outriders team and Xbox's update is great for the environment.

COD MW2 Getting New Game Modes!

January 11th 2023

Dataminers are finding new game modes are coming to Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. Hogwarts Legacy is Steam's top selling game this month and it's not out until next month and Naughty Dog is holding off announcing their next game.

Xbox Direct Inbound!

January 10th 2023

Xbox appears to be planning a new developer direct that will feature Arkane, Bethesda and more. Neil Druckmann, Co-President of Naughty Dog has some new interests in storytelling. What games have inspired him? And Apple will be revealing their AR/VR headset this year.

PlayStation Snags Another Exclusive over Xbox!

January 9th 2023

PlayStation brings another major title exclusively to the platform, which is very unfortunate for Xbox fans. Ubisoft's Star Wars title is rumored to be massive with No Man's Sky like universe and an unannounced shooter for PlayStation has seemingly been leaked.

box Gets A New Zombie Game!

January 6th 2023

Xbox is getting a zombie game and it's not State of Decay 3! Nintendo Switch continues to top sales charts and 343 says they're still on track for Halo in 2023.

The Last Of Us New Details!

January 5th 2023

We have new concept art and details for the upcoming The Last Of Us multiplayer, is there a third entry in the series in the works? And Bungie is working on a number of unannounced titles and more!

2023 Is Huge For Ubisoft!

January 4th 2023

Ubisoft's Star Wars game is going to be a very big part of Ubisoft's year in 2023! Sony is diving deeper into cloud gaming and IO Interactive is changing up the Hitman name with free games and more!

Starfield WILL release this year!

January 3rd 2023

Bethesda's very own Todd Howard reassures fans about the early new year release of Starfield. God of War Ragnarok to get New Game + this year and System Shock Remake could be only a couple of months away.

Naughty Dog's Next Title!

January 2nd 2023

Naughty Dog's next game will be like a TV show! Is Konami's producer teasing a Metal Gear Solid remake and are we getting a PSVR 2 wireless headset?

The Game Awards Recap!

December 9th 2022

It was a big night last night! Who took home GOTY? Who won the most awards and what were some of the best new game reveals? We have the recap for you so stick around!

Uncharted Series Reboot?

December 8th 2022

Leaker claims that a reboot of the Uncharted series has been greenlit! Could the newest Warzone map be getting new content and maybe some Zombies? And Days Gone director starts blaming others for the game's problems!

Call of Duty coming to Nintendo!

December 7th 2022

PlayStation doesn't want it, so Xbox will look to bring Call of Duty to Nintendo for a 10 year deal! Elden Ring is getting DLC that will bring PvP multiplayer to the game and Scot's dreams come true!

Metal Gear Solid PS5 Exclusive!

December 6th 2022

Rumors are swirling once again of a Metal Gear Solid Remake but details emerge of the title being exclusive! Unfortunate news for Xbox fans and the release date leaked for Star Wars Jedi Survivor!

HBO's The Last Of Us Callback!

December 5th 2022

A new trailer for Naughty Dog's upcoming transition to television thanks to HBO, just received a new trailer and there's a few callbacks to the titles! The Game Awards will be shorter this year, why? We have a few thoughts on that and another member of 343 industries has left the studio.

Nintendo Apologies!

December 2nd 2022

Nintendo's sorry for the release state of the latest Pokemon. David Cage looks to the future of Star Wars Eclipse and not the past and another survival horror game is announced. What is it?

Super Mario Bros Movie Just Around The Corner!

December 1st 2022

The hype may be mixed but time will tell sooner than later as we finally have the release date for Super Mario Bros Movies. More speculations keep piling up with Final Fantasy 16 and the Game Awards and is Monster Hunter Rise finally coming to console?

The Witcher Remake!

November 30th 2022

The Witcher remake will be built from the ground upwhat's that mean exactly, we have the details. Starfield's director Todd Howard explains the advantages of not being on PS5 and should Xbox overhaul the Xbox Achievement system?

Venom Speaks!

November 29th 2022

Venom's voice actor is tweeting and has fans hopeful of more info soon! CD Projekt saw massive success with the release of Edgerunners and has more plans in the future with transmedia. And we're getting a 12 person co-op game coming out next year!

Ghost will get his own Spin-Off!

November 28th 2022

Infinity Ward is working on bringing us one of the most beloved characters in their own spin-off game! Splinter Cell gets more than just a game and what's going on with Marvel's Avengers?

Did Microsoft Announce GTA 6 Release Date?

November 25th 2022

Stories conflict with each other all the time but did Microsoft just reveal the true release date for GTA 6? Netflix continues to expand and is now looking at getting into the AAA games space and we have the details about what we'll get with the free upgrade for the Witcher 3 on next gen consoles.

PlayStation's Like Nintendo?

November 24th 2022

Sony claims Microsoft is pushing to make PlayStation like Nintendo! God Of War Ragnarok is a smash hit and now Sony's throwing Battlefield under the bus?

Alien Game in Development?

November 23rd 2022

More aliens are on the way. It's reported that a new AAA Alien game is in development but not just one as more are on the way as well. Will we see Star Wars: Jedi Survivor at the Game Awards? And a new job posting suggests we might see Valorant make its way to console.

Sony can have COD for 10 Years!

November 22th 2022

Microsoft says they offered Sony a 10 year deal for Call of Duty on PlayStation. Zenimax Online Studios has grown to create their next new IP and Rainbow 6 Siege has their biggest up date yet!

Let's Reboot Ninja Gaiden!

November 21th 2022

Team Ninja wants to reboot past fan favorite titles and one may just be a ninja. Ubisoft updates fans on Assassin's Creed Valhalla and they're disappointed and NO, you will not see NFT's coming to GTA.

Splinter Cell Remake Moves Forward!

November 18th 2022

It's the 20th anniversary for Splinter Cell and Ubisoft provides us with a video and details for the upcoming remake that's not coming anytime soon. Volition will now join Gearbox after a failed Saint's Row and Xbox study says gaming is for everyone!

What's Coming Next From The GOW Team?

November 17th 2022

God of War developer's are working on their next game, what are they creating next? Perfect Dark's development is going, this is according to Crystal Dynamics and Elden Ring reaches a new milestone!

Game of the Year Nominations!

November 16th 2022

The Game of the Year nominees are in and who stands out above the rest? Find out as one game is nominated for 10 awards. The Witcher 3 Next Gen is coming sooner than we thought and the Xbox streaming device just isn't ready to launch yet!

Nuked Ya!

November 14th 2022

Call of Duty will let players drop nukes in Warzone 2 later this week. Nintendo admits backwards compatibility is easier than ever now but doesn't care! And Apple is working on an AR/VR headset that will be the most expensive headset yet!

CEO Reveals Why GTA Delay!

November 11th 2022

Take-Two's CEO explains why GTA 6 is taking so long as fans look for the next title in the series. The latest Fable title will bring the series forward for today's sensibilities and Control 2 is Remedy's biggest title yet!

COD Warzone 2 Details!

November 10th 2022

We have new details for Warzone 2.0 and the upcoming DMZ mode. Nintendo World's showcase revealed a ton of games and the Nintendo Switch is the best selling home console to date!

Are We Getting A Horizon MMO?

November 9th 2022

Sony could be working on creating a Horizon MMO that would come to PlayStation and mobile. COD Modern Warfare II working on DLC for 2023 and bringing a very controversial mission next year. And Take-Two CEO doesn't think Xbox Game Pass makes sense to launch games day one on the platform.

Gears Of War Movie!

November 8th 2022

Netflix is getting another game adaptation for an animated series and film, can you guess what game it is?. Bioware is teasing the next Mass Effect 5 and Final Fantasy will be a timed exclusive for PlayStation 5!

Halo Infinite Players Frustrated!

November 7th 2022

Xbox head Matt Booty comments on players' frustrations with Halo Infinite and how they're working to fix players' concerns. Will the Halo Infinite Winter update help solve some issues with the release of the Forge Beta and Phil Spencer would like to speak with Activision about bringing their older titles to the platform.

Kojima Speaks About Abandoned!

November 4th 2022

Hideo Kojima speaks out on his podcast Brain Structure about Abandoned! Sonic Frontiers is already being streamed on Twitch and Square Enix announced a playable NFT art collectable project.

EA's High Hopes!

November 3nd 2022

EA has high hopes for their upcoming monster hunting game Wild Hearts! Live service games make up nearly three quarters of EA's business and Call of Duty fans are upset with Steam!

PSVR2 Release Date and Price!

November 2nd 2022

PlayStation reveals when we'll be playing in the world of PSVR2 and how much as well as a few games to play. A new Deus Ex title in early development and Horizon Forbidden West writer join Playground games to work on Fable.

The Last Of Us TV Show Date!

November 1st 2022

The Last Of Us TV show release date has been leaked and it's not too far away. EA partners with Marvel and is working on 3 new titles and Call Of Duty Modern Warfare II has the biggest opening weekend in franchise history.

Is MGS 3 Snake Eater In Development?

October 31th 2022

A recruitment video could be leading to a possible Metal Gear Solid remake. God Of War Ragnarok leaks gets Sony Santa Monica to release a statement and are we getting an Uncharted 5?

Xbox Raising Their Prices?

October 28th 2022

Xbox may not be ready to raise the prices this holiday season but, it does sound like it's coming in the near future. PlayStation's London Studio teases their most ambitious title yetgame of service and the launch of Call of Duty Modern Warfare II hit with server issues!

The Witcher Remake!

October 27th 2022

CD Projekt Red heads back to the original game with a remake of The Witcher in Unreal Engine 5. What's next for Guerrilla's Horizon franchise? How about a Horizon TV series on Netflix and Rocksteady founders are leaving the studio.

Naughty Dog's New Game!

October 26th 2022

Sony is building a new dev team to help Visual Arts and Naughty Dog on an unannounced 'AAA' title! Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty falls into gamers hands next year and why is there no photo mode in God Of War Ragnarok?

Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Collection Disappointing on Steam!

October 25th 2022

As Sony brings more titles to Steam, Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection hasn't favored as well and is the weakest launch on Steam so far. Microsoft missed out on Genshin Impact and after 20 years, Perfect Dark is coming to PC.

Did Sony Announce GTA 6?

October 24th 2022

Sony has been teasing us on TikTok with some GTA content and many believe this may have been a tease for GTA 6. More details are just around the corner for Respawn's newest Star Wars title and The Last Of Us Part II actor would like to return for the third game.

Marvel's Wolverine PS5 Exclusive 2023!

October 21st 2022

Microsoft let's everyone know that Insomniac's next game Marvel's Wolverine is set to release next year in 2023! Microsoft will be expanding their mobile division with their own marketplace and the CMA want's public feedback on the Microsoft Activision purchase.

So Many Silent Hills!

October 20th 2022

Konami came out swinging as they revealed so many new projects for fans of the Silent Hill series including a new film. They revealed 3 new games coming sometime in the future and a few details on the Steam page for the release of Silent Hill 2You might want to start upgrading your PC!

Call Of Duty Not Coming To Game Pass!

October 19th 2022

Activision's largest title Call Of Duty, won't be bringing the series to Xbox Game Pass service anytime soon! A new Mortal Kombat game is on the way for 2023 and more details emerge with the Bayonetta 3 dev team and voice actor Hellena Taylor!

Should you Boycott Bayonetta 3?

October 18th 2022

Bayonetta voice actor wants fans to boycott the next installment in the series. Does PlayStation and Xbox have their next consoles out for devs? And it's not even a question, yes, we will be getting another Fallout game!

It's Been Silent For Years!

October 17th 2022

It's been silent for years but it will be silent no more! Konami is ready to reveal what's next for Silent Hill. Splinter Cell Remake's director has just left Ubisoft and G4TV shocks employee's by shutting down effective immediately.

Another PlayStation Exclusive Comes To PC!

October 14th 2022

PlayStation once again bringing over another exclusive to PC gamers! Take-Two CEO says Microsoft-Activision acquisition will make Microsoft more powerful and that's good for Take-Two and we get a small glimpse into Ubisoft's next game - Project U!


October 13th 2022

We finally get some new details on Bethesda's upcoming title STARFIELD. We get an inside look at the games industry as publishing agreement from Whitethorn Games reveals details about how a deal for the studio is funded and more. Final Fantasy battle royale game shuts down after not even being out for 1 year and Activision Blizzard faces another sexual harassment suit.

How Big Is GTA 6's Map?

October 12th 2022

More leaks are spreading as it appears Rockstar's next GTA game has leaked the map size appears to be massive and that's only the beginning. Stadia closes but Google wants you to get their Chromebook gaming laptop now instead and who is the Meta Quest Pro truly for?

Lord Of The Rings for Decades!

October 11th 2022

Embracer Group has big plans for their Lord Of The Rings IP for not just years but decades! Co-creator of Mortal Kombat Ed Boon says they aren't done yet creating more Mortal Kombat games and Battlefield 2042 just can't catch a break!


October 7th 2022

Valve approves a new Half-Life twin-stick shooter game created by a fan! Stadia is coming to an end but Gylt could get a new life for players and Ubisoft Chief Creative Officer departing after only one year.

Modern Warfare 2 Bringing The Classics!

October 6th 2022

The release of Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is nearly upon us but that doesn't stop the rumors from coming in, an insider claims classic 2009 maps will be coming to the game! Sledgehammer Games are developing Advanced Warfare sequel and Microsoft is one step closer to owning Activision Blizzard!

Overwatch 2 Launch Hacked!

October 5th 2022

Blizzard launches Overwatch 2 with massive server issues from a DDoS attack! Sony will continue to support PlayStation 4 for years to come and CD Projekt CEO steps down after announcing future plans for the company.

There's More On The Horizon!

October 4th 2022

Didn't see this one coming, a Horizon Zero Dawn remaster and a new multiplayer game in the works over at Guerilla Games. Not to be done there, we could also be getting some Horizon Forbidden West DLC and some rather big leaks from Sony and upcoming games!

The End Of Google Stadia!

October 3rd 2022

What happened to the massive tech giant and their gaming platform? Google Stadia is officially shutting down! There is a lot to unpack in today's show about what happened with Stadia and more so stick around, it's time for ITG Daily!

See You Next Year Skull and Bones!

September 29 2022

Ubisoft has once again delayed the release of Skull and Bones! Watch what you say as Overwatch 2 will record your voice chat and PUBG's creator next game will enter the Metaverse!

Wild Hearts Koei Tecmo New Game!

September 28 2022

EA and Koei Tecmo announce a new Monster Hunter like game! Overwatch 2 will bring the old roster with them, but you'll have some grinding to do! Overwatch boss wants to bring crossover characters similar to Fortnite and COD Modern Warfare 2 beta is the biggest yet!

The First Trailer For HBO's The Last Of Us!

September 27 2022

We have finally seen the first trailer for HBO's highly anticipated The Last Of Us TV series adaptation. Netflix isn't messing around, they are opening their own game studio and how do you feel about a Star Wars game every six months?

Grand Theft Auto 6 Release Window?

September 26 2022

As more and more leaks, rumour and the like continue, GTA 6 is still on the top of everyone's radar and now a release window may have been revealed. Gotham Knights will have more details in the game than we thought and Sony exec reiterates PlayStation's stance on premium game releases.

Call Of Duty Numbers Rise!

September 23 2022

The return of Call of Duty on Steam appears to be big for fans! Is Bungie working on bringing Destiny 2 to mobile? And Respawn isn't going to take your crap anymore!

Logitech G Cloud Handheld!

September 22 2022

Logitech looks to expand in the gaming market with their own handheld console. Nintendo rumors continue with a new version of the Switch and the hacks just keep coming!

Iron Man From EA!

September 21 2022

From the creators of Dead Space, comes a new Iron Man game over at EA. PSVR 2 is not compatible with PSVR 1 games, so let's make them again and are we in for a whole new story for the Splinter Cell remake?

PSVR 2 Not Going Back!

September 20 2022

Sony confirms more details for its upcoming VR headset and fans are going to be disappointed. GTA 6 hacker continues with apparently new details for Bully 2 and Sony to launch a new PS5. Now's your chance Scot!

Massive GTA 6 Leaks!

September 19 2022

Massive leak of Rockstar's upcoming title Grand Theft Auto VI from hacker, met with a response from Rockstar. John Garvin is not happy with NetEase and Square Enix still looking to sell.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Details!

September 16 2022

Call of Duty showcase yesterday revealed lots of new info for the multiplayer with new game modes and a lot more. Kojima is teasing once again, but this time it's a VR game! And demos are making a return and this is one you won't want to miss.

God Of War Once More!

September 14 2022

We recap PlayStation's latest State of Play with new reveals from their Japanese partners and more details about Hogwarts Legacy. Plus one very big teaser to end off the showcaseWhat was it? Watch as we break it down on ITG Daily.

Assassin's Creed Red Trouble!

September 13 2022

Assassin's Creed Red could already be in trouble after multiple people have left the company. 343's founder has left the studio due to family medical issues and all of Ubisoft's AAA titles will be $70!

Hello Assassin'sUbisoft Forward!

September 12 2022

Ubisoft had their latest showcase, showing off old and new. Was it enough to keep us excited for what's to come? Join us as we recap the showcase and talk about the future of Ubisoft!

PlayStation Says Not Good Enough!

September 9 2022

PlayStation's Jim Ryan is not happy with Call of Duty's current deal with the platform. A new studio to start working on more Battlefield and the next Assassins' Creed game will be cross-gen.

Cyberpunk 2077 Returns!

September 8 2022

CD Projekt Red looks to make a return with Cyberpunk 2077 in 2023. New details of where Call Of Duty is heading in 2024 and Xbox looks to help Drew in new ways!

Naughty Dog's Next Game?

September 7 2022

Naughty Dog may have left hint's of their next game in The Last Of Us! Assassin's Creed Mirage is similar to Assassin's Creed Unity and after a much requested landscape from the fans, will Ubisoft finally have an Assassin's Creed game set in Japan?

Fable Is On Track!

September 6 2022

Xbox boss gives us a much needed update on Fable's production. Silent Hill fans discover leaked info on a remake and will another PlayStation exclusive make its way over to PC?

Microsoft Activision Merger Still A Concern!

September 2 2022

UK regulators concerned about Microsoft-Activision merger. Halo fans might finally see much requested features in the game this November and Respawn's next Star Wars title to use the Unreal Engine 5!


September 1 2022

Could the Konami rumors be true? Will we see the return of Metal Gear Solid with a remake of 1, 2, and 3? Tencent and Sony acquired 30 percent of Elden Ring developer and Konami set to reveal something new at Tokyo Game Show!

Another Studio Sold!

August 31 2022

It has certainly been a year full of studio purchases and NetEase is the latest to acquire another studio this year. Facebook Gaming app is shutting down already and is Fortnite coming to VR?

A New PlayStation 5!

August 30 2022

A new PlayStation 5 model is on the way. Rumors are back at it with Nintendo, are we getting a Nintendo Switch Pro? And are we getting another tier for Xbox Game Pass?

GTA Online Unplayable!

August 29 2022

GTA Online players are saying it's become unplayable for some. What's the future of Marvel's Avengers game and PlayStation purchases another studio!

Microsoft Wants Mobile Games!

August 26 2022

Phil Spencer wants Activision for their mobile games! Games are moving to movies and television - Bioshock movie in development over at Netflix and they are also working on a Horizon Zero Dawn series in development.

Square Enix New Western Studio?

August 25 2022

Square Enix may have shed off some of their western studios but it looks like they are opening a new western studio? What! Everywhere, the new game from GTA producer may include NFT's and Smash Bros creator has a new YouTube channel.

Gamescom Opening Night Recap!

August 24 2022

Gamescom Opening Night Live was absolutely loaded with new reveals and a few games we already knew about. Did you miss the event? We have you covered with the Gamescom ONL RECAP!

PlayStation VR2 Release!

August 23 2022

PlayStation reveals when we'll be able to get our hands on the new PlayStation VR2. The Game Awards are back and we have the date booked and Battlefield 2042 introduces a new system for season 3.

DOOM Eternal Dev Team's Next Game!

August 22 2022

Id Software and Bethesda are teasing what's next from the team that brought us DOOM Eternal. PlayStation was not involved with Death Stranding's move to PC Game Pass and will we get story DLC for Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2?

KOTOR Remake Still A Go?

August 19 2022

Embracer Group suggests Knights of the Old Republic remake could still be in development. There is a Metal Gear VR Mod in the wild and is Tales From The Borderlands 2 coming this year?

Embracer Group Strikes Again!

August 18 2022

Embracer Group goes on another spending spree acquiring more studios. Geoff Keighley reveals a few featured titles for Gamescom Opening Night Live and PlayStation adds PlayStation games for PC on their website!

Death Stranding On The Move!

August 17 2022

Death Stranding could be coming to one of the best gaming services, Activision Blizzard will be merging your Overwatch accounts soon and Hasbro has a big budget game in development.

Spider-Man 2 Is Getting What!

August 16 2022

Spider-Man 2 could be getting a feature that will change the game! Disney and Marvel Games will hold their own showcase next month and more Lord of the Rings games are in the making!

Eminem Coming to Fortnite?

August 15 2022

Fortnite looks to be teasing their next event and this could be a massive spotlight! Spider-Man Remastered for PC is the second largest title on PC for PlayStation and Hogwarts Legacy gets delayed.

GTA 6 Benchmark of Entertainment!

August 12 2022

Strauss Zelnick say's GTA 6 will be a creative benchmark for all entertainment. Gamescom is just around the corner, what does Geoff Keighley have in store for us? And, you may need a PSN account to play PlayStation PC ports.

Move Out The Way!

August 11 2022

Reports are coming in that developers are moving out of the way for God of War Ragnarok's launch this November. A game that seemed long forgotten makes a resurgence and is Sony paying off dev's to stay away from Xbox Game Pass?

Half-Life 2 VR!

August 10 2022

Half-Life 2 gets a second life as it makes its way to VR. Call of Duty Beta announcement, Xbox looks to expand its cloud service with 2 of the biggest games and MultiVersus hits massive numbers already and isn't slowing down.

Activision Blizzard Dismissed!

August 9 2022

Activision Blizzard dismissed in court with a factual baseless lawsuit. Marvel's Midnight Sun's gets delayed and Activision is making more on mobile then console and PC.

Red Dead Redemption Rumors!

August 8 2022

Red Dead Redemption actor addresses rumors of a remake. Continuing with rumors Eidos Montreal would like to revisit an old-ish franchise and bring it back and PlayStation had a survey at EVO asking about everyone's thoughts on NFT's.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 Gets New Lead Writer!

August 5 2022

After being in development for 15 years Beyond Good & Evil 2 gets a new lead writer! Wait what??? Tencent is looking to buy up Ubisoft or at least most of the company and don't look for any new hardware from Nintendo this year!

New COD MW 2 Tarkov Mode?

August 4 2022

Leaks have already started popping up for COD's Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer with what could be a new fan favorite game mode. The PS5 Dual Sense controller bringing haptic feedback to the analog sticks? And Spider-Man Remastered works on your Steam Deck!

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor launching 2023?

August 3 2022

EA held its first quarter financial briefing leading some to believe that Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will not be coming out later this year. Don't look for any Mortal Kombat 12 news at this year's EVO and rumors are starting back up about a re-reveal of Dead Island 2 in Q4.

PlayStation 5 Price Increase?

August 2 2022

Sony might be increasing the price of PlayStation 5 consoles. Sony says Microsoft's ownership of Call of Duty could influence console buyers and rumours are starting to talk about the end of Google Stadia.

New Star Fox Game?

July 29 2022

Nintendo insider leaked a new game in development, could we be getting a new Star Fox game? PlayStation 5 update and the PlayStation Backbone and another Ubisoft title is coming to Xbox Game Pass and you won't want to miss it.

Is Sony Buying Square Enix?

July 28 2022

Sony is reportedly interested in purchasing Square Enix Japan. Could Call of Duty Warzone see a rebranded approach and Sony warns us about God of War Ragnarok!

PlayStation VR2 Details!

July 27 2022

New see-through view and broadcasting options for PlayStation VR2 details. Even Skull & Bones dev's aren't confident in their game and Guerilla Games are killing off servers for their games

New Black Panther Game!

July 26 2022

There is a new Black Panther game on the way! Ubisoft says Roller Champions is NOT cancelled. The Lord of The Rings Gollum gets delayed.

Horizon Forbidden West DLC?

July 25 2022

New Horizon Forbidden West DLC on the way? Ubisoft cancelling a new game already and Star Wars Jedi Survivor news?

GTA 6 Character Leak!

July 21 2022

Well, Grand Theft Auto fans are back at it once again and may have stumbled across our first GTA 6 character. Uncharted and The Last Of Us director Bruce Straley reveals where he went after leaving Naughty Dog and Discord is coming to Xbox!

Can Battlefield 2042 Survive?

July 20 2022

DICE continues to work away at Battlefield 2042's specialists and gameplay. Sony is getting sued for PlayStation 5 game crashes and photos start to pop up from the set of the new Fallout TV series.

Grounded TV Series!

July 19 2022

Xbox looks to television to expand their games nowthey're coming for your Sony! PlayStation continues to expand their goals for eSports and and no new Tony Hawk game on consoles but the Metaverse instead!

Rockstar & GTA 6

July 18 2022

Rockstar gives us an update on the development of GTA 6. Sony's PlayStation Stars digital collectibles are confirmed to not be NFT's and Final Fantasy 16 wants to appeal to a larger audience.

Is Metal Gear Solid Back?

July 14 2022

Konami working to bring back Metal Gear Solid titles? What is the future of MGS? PlayStation looks to make you a star and a cross-over no one saw coming!

The Next Assassin's Creed!

July 13 2022

What's next for Assassin's Creed? Ubisoft to reveal details soon on the next assassin and more. 343 fixing issues with Halo Infinite's co-op flight test and what's the most popular game titles on Twitter? We have the details and it may just surprise you.

Apex Legends Single Player Game?

July 12 2022

Respawn is hiring for a single player experience set in the world of Apex Legends! Ubisoft responds with wait we didn't mean it" and Haven Studios is now officially apart of the PlayStation family.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is DONE!

July 11 2022

Rockstar no longer leaves Red Dead Online fans questions about the future of the gameThere isn't one! The Fable reboot gets a new narrative lead and The Last Of Us Part 1 remake is Not A CASH Grab!"

Skull and Bones Revealed!

July 8 2022

Skull and Bones sails the high seas this NovemberIt's a busy month for gamers! E3 makes its return in 2023 and Geoff Keighley reminds everyone of Summer Game Fest!

GOW Ragnarok Release Date!

July 7 2022

Sony Santa Monica have given us very little to go off of but we do have a release date for God Of War Ragnarok! Ubisoft will be showcasing Skull and Bones later today and another event this September plus what did we see at the Pocket Gamer Connects?

Sly Cooper & Infamous Not Coming!

July 5 2022

Sucker Punch lays down the hammer with any hopes of a new Sly Cooper or InFamous game coming our way. Rockstar had plans for 2 remasters and the first NFT gaming console has been announced.

GOW Ragnarok This Year?

July 4 2022

Cory Barlog can't say much, however, he did say GOW Ragnarok is still lining up for a 2022 release. Stray is at the top of everyone's Wishlist on Steam and Ubisoft is shutting down Assassins Creed servers.

Halo Co-op Details!

July 1 2022

It's finally here343 reveals details about Halo Infinite's co-op and you can play it! Firesprite Studios and Guerrilla Games give us an insight on what we're up to in Horizon Call of the Mountain and Ubisoft tells us about Skull and Bones!

Halo Co-op Details!

July 1 2022

It's finally here343 reveals details about Halo Infinite's co-op and you can play it! Firesprite Studios and Guerrilla Games give us an insight on what we're up to in Horizon Call of the Mountain and Ubisoft tells us about Skull and Bones!

Nintendo Direct Recap!

June 29 2022

Nintendo had a lot to showcase in yesterday's direct featuring all 3rd party titles. What did they have to show? Some titles we already knew were coming to the platform, while others were a nice surprise. Let's recap the direct!

Skull & Bones Coming Soon?

June 27 2022

Skull & Bones has been rated by the ESRBwhen's it coming out? Could we see Red Dead Redemption 2 on the Nintendo Switch? Are 343 Industries bringing microtransactions to the Master Chief Collection?

Who's Coming To GTA VI?

June 24 2022

More leaks for the next GTA revealed, as two very popular characters could be coming to GTA VI. Hang on, what happens to Overwatch 1 when the sequel arrives? And Xbox Summer Game demos are here!

Mortal Kombat 12 Leak?

June 23 2022

Johnny Cage actor may have just teased Mortal Kombat 12 from NetherRealm Studios. PlayStation will not be attending this year's Gamescom and what's thisSEGA is working on a new IP!

GTA 6 Release News?

June 22 2022

GTA 6 rumours are flying today! Leaked release date, characters and much more! Final Fantasy 16 is donesort of and Fall Guys has been removed from Steam, what happened?

Tony Hawk 3 & 4 No More!

June 21 2022

Activision has cancelled the latest Tony Hawk 3 and 4 remakes and fans are in an uproar over this news. A game breaking bug for Star Wars on the Nintendo Switch appears and Sucker Punch is hiring more staff for Ghost of Tsushima 2?

Nintendo's New and Old Console!

June 20 2022

Nintendo released a new Switch console and you didn't even know it. The Quarry was supposed to go on Google Stadia's platform, what happened? And, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard will not be a free upgrade for PS5 users.

This Must Be A Fantasy!

June 17 2022

It's the 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII and wow, Square Enix has a few things to share for fans! What's this? Skull & Bones rating floats a shore and it may surprise you what consoles it's coming to and fans hold out hope for any news they can get from Fable!

Rockstar Games Goes Dark!

June 16 2022

Rockstar Games website goes dark and fans are losing their mindsWhat could this mean? GTA 6? Red Dead Online News? A new game announcement, or just completely nothing? Leaks are surfacing about a Halo Infinite Battle Royale mode once again and PlayStation fans could be getting a new controller.

Fallout 5 Is Coming!

June 15 2022

Todd Howard talks about the future of Fallout 5 and when we'll see the release of the game. 200 games will be leaving the new PlayStation Plus service and S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2 Heart of Chernobyl gets delayed.

The Future of Kojima and PlayStation!

June 14 2022

PlayStation fans can relax, Kojima may be working on his next project with Xbox but he'll be back with PlayStation once again. Goldeneye 007 fans are confused and there's bad news for Gears of War fans!

Xbox Bethesda Showcase Recap!

June 13 2022

Did you miss the Xbox Bethesda Showcase? That's okay, because we are going to break it down for you in today's ITG Daily. So many games and so many games coming to Xbox Game Pass!

Summer Game Fest Recap!

June 10 2022

Geoff Keighley returns with Summer Game Fest! Lots of new announcements and returning games. Did you miss it, no problem. The team at ITG have you covered in their Summer Game Fest Recap! What game were you hoping to get announced?

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare II

June 9 2022

Call of Duty MW II and Warzone 2.0 details have emerged. Dice continues to work one Battlefield 2042 and Xbox shows us the future before their big event!

Kojima's New Horror Game!

June 8 2022

Thanks to a well known leaker, Hideo Kojima's new game is reportedly a horror game! Halo Infinite is teasing co-opwill we see more this weekend? And there could be good news for God of War fans.

A GoldenEye 007 Achievement?

June 6 2022

An achievement has been unlocked on Xbox for the legendary GoldenEye 007 title. Blue Box has been Abandoned and it hasn't been canceled but Ubisoft has once again delayed the Prince of Persia Sands of Time Remake!

State of Play Recap!

June 3 2022

PlayStation is back with another State of Play to kick off Geoff Keighley's Summer Game Fest! How was it? Was it worth the watch? What games were revealed? We have it all covered for you in today's ITG Daily!

Where's Ubisoft?

June 2 2022

E3 season is upon us yet, Ubisoft won't be around this year to show us anything. Rockstar insider teases upcoming reveal for a new project and Steam dock is delayed.

The End Of PlayStation 4!

May 31 2022

Sony wants to move onto the PlayStation 5 but what's that mean for the PlayStation 4? Xbox working on a new XCloud device and The Callisto Protocol will no long be a part of the PUBG Universe!

What's Coming to the State Of Play?

May 30 2022

Sony announced a new State of Play coming this week, we give you our predictions. It's been reported that Bethesda's new Indiana Jones title will not be an Xbox exclusive and Respawn has revealed their next Star Wars title!

The Witcher 3 Next Gen Is Coming!

May 20 2022

CD Projekt Red has announced a release window for the much anticipated next gen versions of The Witcher 3! Embracer Group lost millions last year but continues to buy studios and Gearbox is currently working on 9 AAA titles!

Let's Fill In For E3!

May 19 2022

There may not be an E3 this year but no need to worry June is quickly becoming a month long gaming showcase! Roller Champions the Free-to-Play 3v3 roller skating game release date is revealed and Scot keeps us posted on more Battlefield 2042 news!

PlayStation 5 Pro Coming?

May 18 2022

Rumors are continuing for PlayStation 5 Pro and Xbox Series XXX with AMD working on next gen chip. Arma Reforger announced for Xbox Series X/S and what is ROCKSTAR going to do about Red Dead Online?

Square Enix Looking To Buy Now?

May 17 2022

Square Enix is now looking to acquire and establish more studios after just selling 3 studios!?! Anyone else confused? Fall Guys is finally coming to Xbox and Ubisoft hasn't handled Prince of Persia The Sands of Time Remake very wellat all!

PS Plus Games Revealed!

May 16 2022

Sony reveals the lineup of games for the all new PlayStation Plus subscription service. Ubisoft Plus to join the PlayStation Plus service as well on June 13th and we have rumors of a remake for the horror fans, Silent Hill 2 anyone?

See You Next Year Starfield!

May 13 2022

Bethesda delayed one of the biggest titles this year from Xbox. Could the classic Metal Gear Solid return with a remake? And Ubisoft has 3 new titles coming this year and we can't believe it either!

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 2?

May 11 2022

EA teases four new games for 2023, will we get Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 2 next year? Rumors are starting about more delays, this timeit's Hogwarts Legacy and after 30 years EA will drop the FIFA brand to create their own football title.

COD Modern Warfare Reveal Date!

May 10 2022

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 coming sooner than later.Vanguard underperformed as fans didn't want to go back in time once again and Gotham Knights could bring in more players.

Can't Play Offline?

May 9 2022

Xbox Series X DRM concerns are popping up for the future of the console. Xbox streaming only console rumors are starting up again and will Sony just buy Square Enix already!

We're Back In The Mob!

May 6 2022

Hanger 13 to be working on a prequel to the original Mafia Trilogy. Geoff Keighley is back again with the Summer Game Fest and Square Enix kept a studio with a game that didn't turn a profit in 2021!

Anyone For Bloodborne 2?

May 5 2022

Information arises from a former IGN employee about the future of Bloodborne 2. Techland looks to the future of Dying Light 2 with possible user-created content and rumors continue about the possible sale of Ubisoft.

Prince of Persia Troubles!

May 4 2022

Prince of Persia remake gets recalled as the lead development team now shifts to Ubisoft Montreal after development troubles plague the game. Crysis 4 gets a new director after Mattias leaves IO Interactive and Sony continues to invest in live service.

Sony Wants More Studios!

May 3 2022

Sony is looking to hire for more growth opportunities through acquisitions, Ubisoft is bringing their games to Xbox Game Pass and GTA 6 is using an engine that is ahead of its time!

Square Enix All In on NFT's!

May 2 2022

It's all about Square Enix today! The Embracer Group looks to acquire Eidos Montreal, Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix Montreal along with their big AAA titles and a back catalog of 50 games. Square Enix bets their future on the blockchain market! Was this a good move for Square Enix?

The Next COD Game!

April 29 2022

Activision Blizzard reveals what's next for the Call Of Duty franchise with a return to fashion. Could we see Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 2 be delayed until 2023? And will this be the spark to put FAR CRY games on top once again?

Xbox & Bethesda E3 Showcase!

April 28 2022

Xbox and Bethesda have confirmed their showcase for June, what do we think will be shown? Gears 5 developers are moving onto future projects and Xbox is rising to the top!

Game Trials Are Back?

April 27 2022

It's been years we've seen the old game demo disc, but game trials are making their way to PlayStation. Pokémon developer looks to move to a 4 day work week and Crytek just wants to work from home now.

Uncharted on PC!

April 26 2022

Nathan Drake could be making his way to PC this summer. PlayStation looks to hire a senior director for planning the future with PC releases and Naughty Dog working on an unannounced remakewhat is it?

GOW Ragnarok Still This Year!

April 25 2022

Dev says that God Of War Ragnarok is still this year, assuring fans. Fans are getting frustrated with Halo Infinite's Season 2 6 month extension and the return of an old friend for Assassin's Creed in VR.

Stealth Games Are Back!

April 22 2022

Are stealth games making a comeback? Four Syphon Filter games are coming to PlayStation, what does this mean for the future of the franchise? Halo Infinite's season 2 is almost here and we have some details on the mini battle royale and is Naughty Dog working on a new Uncharted game?

VR Games and more VR Games!

April 21 2022

We have so many VR games to talk about today! Let's recap the Oculus second annual showcase event and we may get to talk about Bungie's lawsuit with former Halo composers.

Amy Hennig's next gameWe're IN!

April 20 2022

Amy Hennig, one of the creators of Uncharted, is making what game? Nintendo in a bit of hot water and will we ever see another Portal game? Co-writer hopes to see it happen!

Now Xbox is considering bringing Ads!

April 19 2022

Microsoft is now looking into bringing advertising to free-to-play titles. Will we see a sequel to Horizon Forbidden West? And Ghost of Tsushima is done, finished, no more updates!

Sony's New In Game Advertising!

April 18 2022

Sony looks to the future with new impression based advertising. CD Projekt Red talks about their future and what's lined up for 2022 and 343 Industries gives us a few new details about Halo Infinite's upcoming season for the Lone Wolves.

We Predicted It!

April 14 2022

PlayStation looks to acquire another studioWe called it! One of the best titles of the last generation see's the next gen version get delayed untilno one knows! Quake Con is back but will not be a physical event and one developer says their PS Plus game had a devastating launch.

PSVR 2 Looks to Next Year!

April 13 2022

PSVR 2 could be released next year due to a delay at Sony because of a shortage of parts. Microsoft calls in for back-up to help with Halo Infinite's multiplayer and is PlayStation trying mobile once again?


April 12 2022

Sony and Lego holdings company invest large into Epic Games to deepen their relationship. What does the future look like for Scot's favorite franchise and their latest game? And Xbox has an exclusive game in development from an outside studio.

For the Kingdom!

April 11 2022

Kingdom Hearts fans rejoice with the announcement of Kingdom Hearts 4 and Missing Link. Tomb Raider writer looking for big changes to Lara's origin story in the next title and what is Sony up to? Certain PS Vita and PS3 titles are expiring.

GTA 6 Leaks!

April 8 2022

An insider claims to have a GTA 6 Easter egg from the San Andreas DEBAFTA awards winners are claiming just a few winnings for the evening and Jack Trenton is BACK!

It's on the way for Halo!

April 7 2022

Dataminer finds a new MP mode coming to Halo Infinite that shouldn't surprise anyone. THQ Nordic says they don't need E3, they'll have our own showcase and Max Payne is back with Remedykinda?

A New Tomb Raider!

April 6 2022

A new Tomb Raider game in development using Epic's Unreal Engine 5 and so are some PSVR2 titles. Ubisoft called it quits with Ghost Recon Breakpoint development and moves onto a new battle royale game.

What's Naughty Dog's Next Project?

April 5 2022

What's one of the best studios around working on? Leak's suggest what Naughty Dog's next game and other projects could be. One of the best classics of the point and click adventure genre makes its return! What game just went mobile? Blue Box Game Studios once again try to clean things up!

Who does PlayStation buy NEXT?

April 4 2022

Rumors are out about PlayStation making a really big acquisition, what studio will they buy next? Some are deeply concerned with Microsoft's purchase of Activision Blizzard and the next Assassin's Creed game could be the end of the hidden ones!

Is E3 Dead?

April 1 2022

E3 2022 has been canceledwhat's the future of E3? Is it dead? It's okay though, Geoff Keighley will save us with Summer Game Fest 2022 and NO.NO Abandoned is NOT cancelled!

Crank those 90's!

March 31 2022

Epic Games is changing up the formula with their new mode, no more building! Valorant job listing suggests it might be coming to console? And Detroit Become Human studio might be getting acquired.

See You Next Year Zelda!

March 30 2022

It happenedanother very big game has been delayed! Rumors are floating around about Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 2 showcase and Diablo IV will have just a few dungeons for you to explore.

PlayStation reveals new PS Plus Subscription!

March 29 2022

An all-new PlayStation Plus subscription will be launching this June. Jim Ryan feels their new games would suffer on the all-new PS Plus subscription and is Knack coming back?

Rockstar Brings a GTA Subscription!

March 28 2022

Did Rockstar go too far? GTA Plus Subscription for next gen consoles. Fable progress is slow and NO, CDPR did not announce The Witcher 4!

PSVR2 Hands-On Demo!

March 25 2022

Sony is hosting PSVR2 hands-on demos! Movie makers are looking for Solid SnakeYES! A Metal Gear Solid movie could be in the works and there's a new Battlefield game in development!

Star Wars Coming 2025!

March 24 2022

Ubisoft is a busy developer and fans looking forward to their version of Star Wars will have to wait at least a few more years. Activision Blizzard launches their new program Level Up U and another game gets delayed until next year.

Show Us That PSVR2

March 23 2022

GDC is here and so are the panels. Unity plans to use Sony's PSVR2 in a presentation for next gen VR. PlayStation update is inbound and GT7 has the lowest user score of any PlayStation exclusive.

Haven Studios Welcomed to PlayStation

March 22 2022

PlayStation brings in another studio to the family. Adding in Jade Raymond's Haven Studios to the PlayStation Studio's lineup. Ubisoft is looking to have a massive showcase eventSplinter Cell maybe? And rumors are already floating around about a PlayStation 5 Pro coming.

Xbox Game Pass Is Where?

March 21 2022

Xbox Game Pass looks to expand its reach by heading to another platforma growing platform. Marvel's Avengers continue to rework the systems and Ubisoft looks up to the clouds.

It's The Legacy of Hogwarts!

March 18 2022

We recap yesterday's PlayStation State of Play - WB Games showed off 14 minutes of Hogwarts Legacy. Horizon Forbidden West receives a good patch and Sony showing more love once again for Kojima's next project.

Open Freedom of Starfield!

March 17 2022

Bethesda gives us a look into the open world freedom of their upcoming title Starfield. EA Play Live event is canceled this year and Elden Ring is in the news again12 million times!

Wait whatRed Dead Redemption 3!

March 16 2022

New rumbling and leaks are heading to the west with Red Dead Redemption 3. BioWare hired a YouTuber to help with the next Mass Effect and Reggie Fils-Aime has a few thoughts about the metaverse!

GTA 6 Milestone!

March 15 2022

Grand Theft Auto 6 has hit a major milestone in development, what does that mean exactly? We're getting another PlayStation State of Play and Sakurai is back to work but it might not be a game that he's working on.

4 New Games From VALVE!

March 14 2022

Valve appears to be working on a few new projectswhat are they? Dead Space developers move the remake release window and Bungie not to be out done by Valve are also working on 4 new games!

Skull & Bones Is Alive!

March 11 2022

Ubisoft reveals a new program for Skull & Bones! Overwatch 2 looks to take the Halo Infinite launch approach and The Canadian Video Game Nominees are!

PlayStation State Of Play Recap!

March 10 2022

Just how was PlayStation's latest State Of Play? We have our thoughts and recap yesterday's stream for you. Microsoft is the highest rated publisher on Metacritic and more on today's show.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Next Gen!

March 9 2022

The third generation of Grand Theft Auto 5 is almost and here and NO it's not a free upgrade! GREEDY! You won't believe how fast this speedrunner finished Elden Ring and Sly Cooper domain has been updated ahead of State Of Play later todayWe call SUS!

Another PlayStation TV Series!

March 8 2022

PlayStation looks to continue with game adaptations heading to television. PlayStation could make a big announcement or two this week and Forspoken is delayed!

Elden Ring's Player Count!

March 7 2022

Elden Ring's player count turns out to be massive on Steam. We could get a new game release next month and the game might just shock you and Halo Infinite's multiplayer lead leaves 343 Industries.

Half Life 3?

March 4 2022

Could we finally see the rise of Half Life 3? Elden Ring is the biggest game release that is not FIFA or Call Of Duty since Red Dead Redemption 2 and what game is not coming until 2027?

PlayStation Is BUSY!

March 3 2022

PlayStation appears to have a lot in development if rumors and job posting are true. Will Sly Cooper return? Housemarque is working on another new IP, and Warren Spector is back!

Phil Spence's Message To Gamers!

March 2 2022

Phil Spencer wins the Lifetime Achievement Award at the DICE Awards and has a message for gamers. Steam Deck production will go full steam ahead with hundreds of thousands in production and the console market just keeps getting bigger!

GOW Ragnarok In June?

March 1 2022

Retailer reveals a June release date for God Of War Ragnarok. We could see an early 2023 release for PlayStation VR 2 and Nintendo pulls Super Smash Bros out of the biggest fighting tournament circuit around!

How Big Is That GTA 6 MAP?

February 28 2022

Rumors continue for GTA 6 - the latest is just how big the map could be. Pokemon Presents gives us the latest for Pokemon's future and Steam would be interested in bringing over Xbox Game Pass?

PlayStation Spartacus Plans!

February 25 2022

New details are out about Sony's plans for PlayStation Spartacus! What games work with the newest handled from Steam? And a new game on the way from Bethesda?

A Major State of Play?

February 24 2022

Rumors of Sony hosting a major State of Play Event! Activision CEO to get $15 million dollars and EA CEO feels they don't need the FIFA brand!

A Call Of Duty Break!

February 23 2022

Call of Duty will be taking a break for the first time in over 20 years! Twitch incorporates Amazon Luna to their playlist and Assassin's Creed Valhalla is the biggest game in franchise history!

The New Look Of The PSVR 2!

February 22 2022

PlayStation revealed their next iteration of the PSVR 2 and it has us excited! Street Fighter 6 was teased and yet, still no release date. Atlus reveals their game after the countdown and Ubisoft would be up for selling the company?

Skull and Bones Still Sails!

February 18 2022

Ubisoft says Skull and Bones development is going well! If you thought No Man's Sky was going to finish up anytime soon you're wrong and EA partially blames Halo for the bad reception of Battlefield 2042!

It's a FARCRY in Space?

February 17 2022

Ubisoft could be taking the FARCY series to the next levelor just another planet all together. We have an update on The Last Of Us HBO release schedule and PlayStation looks to help save our planet as we help Aloy save hers!

Still Troubled Waters for Cyberpunk 2077!

February 16 2022

Cyberpunk 2077 isn't upgrading the next gen update for everyone, Nintendo starts to shut down parts of the eShop and the System Shock remake is playable.BUT!

The Return of Cyberpunk 2077!

February 15 2022

Cyberpunk 2077 gets ready for next gen consoles with patch 1.5. The rumors are piling in this morning, Goldeneye 007, Until Dawn Remastered, what's Capcom teasing and Platinum wouldn't mind being acquired?

It's Horizon Day!

February 14 2022

It's a day of new Horizons as Aloy's latest adventure allows us to talk about Horizon Forbidden West with our review, Horizon Zero Dawn surpasses 20 million. Maybe you shouldn't hack Nintendo and a new COD Warzone 2 in the works?


February 10 2022

It's a recap of yesterday! So much to talk about, Nintendo Direct had fans going crazy, The Wolf Among Us 2 revealed and Atomic Heart detailsSo much to chat about and so little time, Let's GO!

Will Scalebound Return?

February 9 2022

Platinum Games would like Xbox to reconsider the cancellation of Scalebound! We are getting a 40 minute Nintendo Direct later today showcasing our Nintendo 2022 lineup and was there a canceled Metal Gear Solid game?

GTA Online Next Gen!

February 8 2022

GTA Online is coming to next gen and soon! Telltale Games will be revealing a behind the scenes look at their version of The Wolf Among Us 2 and Jade Raymond looks to push the PS5 with their debut title.

Naughty Dog's Next 3 Titles!

February 7 2022

Naught Dog is currently working on 3 games! We know 2, what's the 3rd? Google deprioritizes Stadia and Dying Light 2 is breaking records and fixing bugs!

Lifetime Achievement Award!

February 4 2022

Phil Spencer will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award at Dice, More studio's to get purchased this year and GameStop will launch NFT project!

Bungie's PlayStation Future?

February 3 2022

Herman Hulst discusses Bungie's future with PlayStation, we have your Gran Turismo 7 State of Play recap and PlayStation 5 surpasses 17 million units shipped.

Battlefield 2042 Didn't Meet EA's Expectations!

February 2 2022

EA says Battlefield 2042 launch didn't meet expectations, Microsoft Activision deal will be reviewed by the FTC and Team17 cancels Worms NFT project!

Sony Buys Bungie!

February 1 2022

Sony adds to their first party studios by adding none other than Halo creators, Bungie! Star Wars Eclipse is pulling inspiration from The Last Of Us and YouTube content creator gets hit with 1300 Nintendo copyright claims!

Sailing To New Adventures!

January 31 2022

RARE will move your pirates away from competition to more adventures in 2022. Microsoft will start shutting down Game Pass dormant accounts and what do we think of the Halo TV Series trailer?

Star Wars 1313 Gameplay!

January 28 2022

Never before seen gameplay of EA's canceled Star Wars 1313 shows us what could of been! Ubisoft will be shutting down Hyper Scape and Ubisoft pays tribute to passed legend!

Elden Ring Isn't Too Long!

January 27 2022

Details about the length of Elden Rings story may surprise you, Valve is all set for their launch of Steam Deck next month and the creator of Mortal Kombat Ed Boon, thinks The Rock would make a great Shao Kahn!

The End Of EA's Star Wars

January 26 2022

EA will be done with Star Wars after the Respawn projects, Star Wars Knight of The Old Republic is in development but not with BioWare and The Rock is coming to a video game movie that he's been playing for years!

Respawn Is Working On 3 Star Wars Titles!

January 25 2022

Respawn has 3 new Star Wars titles in development, rumors arise of another Xbox franchise getting remastered, the Raven Software strike comes to an end and news on Battlefield 2042 going Free-To-Play.

The End Of E3!

January 24 2022

If rumors are true this could mean the end of E3 once and for all! PlayStations fans are expecting a State of Play announcement in early February and GDC may surprise you with their NFT survey.

Xbox Could Bring Back Older Activision Titles!

January 21 2022

Xbox could be bringing back older Activision titles, what older titles do you want to see come back? Sony expects Activision titles to remain on the platform and Overwatch 2 producer says Bobby Kotick cost them months of production time!

Aloy's Story Continues!

January 20 2022

PlayStation continues to build the hype of Horizon Forbidden West with the latest trailer giving us a better understanding of the story. We also see some high profile actors making their way into the games as well. Google Stadia is looking for player's feedback!

Time To GO!

January 19 2022

Bobby Kotick is expected to leave Activision Blizzard, but it won't be for awhile. Sony sees shares fall in the wake of Microsoft's massive purchase of Activision Blizzard and troubled waters for the Call of Duty publisher prompted Microsoft to pursue their purchase!

Microsoft Purchased Activision Blizzard for $68.7 Billion Dollars!

January 18 2022

What just happened??? One of the biggest moves in video game history as Microsoft shows how much of a powerhouse they are by making a deal to purchase Activision Blizzard for $68.7 Billion dollars.

Troy Baker and NFT's

January 17 2022

Infamous voice actor takes their talent to the NFT market space, Awesome Games Done Quick raise money for a great cause while someone finishes Sekiro: Shadow's Die Twice Blindfolded and Hogwarts Legacy doesn't appear to be coming this year!

Mobile Games Are Unstoppable!

January 14 2022

The mobile games market continues to be an unstoppable force for gamers, Levi from Attack on Titans joins Warzone and Quest 2 gamers are getting PC ports!

Hitman Trilogy Comes To Game Pass

January 13 2022

Our bald headed assassin and friend of the show comes to Xbox Game Pass, Xbox stops production of the Xbox One and is PlayStation starting to merge their systems?

How About A PlayStation 4 Instead?

January 12 2022

Sony is working on PlayStation 5 shortages by bringing PlayStation 4's to market for now. What is Project Cambria? And the Destruction All-Stars team no longer working on the Twisted Metal Reboot?

More Sonic?

January 11 2022

Sega opens up a new studio in Japan. Phil Spencer wants to ban some players across multiple platforms and Red Dead Online fans are becoming more and more frustrated!

A New Mario Kart On The Way!

January 10 2022

Mario Kart 9 is in active development! How big is too big? Dying Light 2 is going to require some time to complete everything and Ubisoft's next title is coming to Xbox Game Pass!

PlayStation Studios Game is MGS and Splinter Cell like!

January 7 2022

PlayStation Studios could be working on a Metal Gear Solid and Splinter Cell like game! PSVR 2 could be getting one of the best VR games ever made and The Last Of Us rumors are flying!

Skull & Bones In Troubled Waters?

January 6 2022

What's the future of Skull & Bones look like as Ubisoft associate director departs after 15 years with the company? More questions about PSVR 2 and 4 of Steam's biggest titles of 2021 are new releases!

Aloy Joins VR in Next Horizon Game

January 5 2022

Aloy joins the world of VR and more details from PlayStation about the PlayStation VR2 at CES. Ghost of Tsushima sells millions and Samsung joins the games streaming services.

GoldenEye 007 Returns?

January 4 2022

James Bond classic GoldenEye 007 could make it's way to Xbox. Hideo Kojima begins to tease fans of his next project and PlayStation's PSVR 2 could enter production soon.

God of War Ragnarok Release Date?

January 3 2022

Did PlayStation leak their own game release? Rumors continue with GTA 6 and it's release and find out why Hidetaka Miyazaki won't be playing Elden Ring.

The Remake of 2022!

December 17 2021

2022 is already shaping up to be a year of remakes with Dead Space and System Shock coming, S. T. A. L. K. E. R. 2 fans say get that out of here and Elden Ring story leaks.

Splinter Cell Remake is REAL!

December 16 2021

Ubisoft Toronto announces they're remaking the OG Splinter Cell game. Ubisoft employees don't understand why the decision to add NFT's and Square Enix stops selling Final Fantasy 14.

Should GTA Fans Worry?

December 15 2021

GTA 6 Rumours are worrying fans. We have the release date for the horror game Scorn and Nintendo is getting one of the best trilogies around.

You Bully!

December 14 2021

Rockstar is finally working on a sequel to Bully! Assassin's Creed Valhalla is adding 30 hours of more content with the Dawn of Ragnarok and PlayStation is getting colourful.

Our old friend Sam Fisher!

December 13 2021

The next Splinter Cell game will be stealthier than Assassin's Creed! Telltale Games are back? Sorta! And Zelda Breath Of The Wild 2 appears on Amazon.

It's The Game Awards Recap!

December 10 2021

The Game Awards are over and we have your recap from the highlights of the night, and what a night it was! Everything from new game announcements to the winners and who took home game of the year? We have the answer!

Dr. Dre in GTA!

December 9 2021

A new story expansion on the way for GTA Online starring Dr. Dre and Franklin, Assassin's Creed Valhalla will receive a 40 hour expansion according to a leak and Ubisoft delists yesterday's NFT announcement on YouTube!

Uncharted is Leaving the PS Store!

December 8 2021

Standalone versions of Uncharted 4 and Lost Legacy are leaving the PS4 storefront. Miyazaki says there'd be no Dark Souls without ICO and Ubisoft is bringing NFT's to Ghost Recon!

There will be No Activision Blizzard!

December 7 2021

Geoff Keighley says no to Activision Blizzard! Is Halo Infinite multiplayer getting a Battle Royale mode, and Call of Duty Warzone dev's walk!

A PlayStation Game Pass Service?

December 6 2021

PlayStation looks to compete against Xbox with their own Game Pass service, Phil Spencer thinks the Xbox of today would have kept Bungie and The Witcher 4 will feature multiplayer!

EA wants a Battlefield Universe?

December 3 2021

EA wants to build a connected universe with Battlefield. The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is getting DLC and the beloved co-op game It Take Two is hit with a claim from Take Two!

PS Plus Half Way!

December 2 2021

PS Plus members will only receive half of Godfall's content. Xbox Game Pass loads you up for the holiday's and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members will receive Halo MP bonuses.

The Endless Pursuit of Starfield

December 1 2021

Bethesda releases a little insight with The Endless Pursuit for Starfield, Metroid Dread developer is working on a dark fantasy RPG and Battlefield 2042 has already lost half of it's player base!

No Half-Life 3 For YOU!

November 30 2021

Valve is all steam ahead on Steam Deck, so NO, there's no chance of Half-Life 3 any time soon. There's a Marvel MMO from the team behind DCU Online and Halo Infinite discs are seen in the wild ahead of release! Watch for Spoilers!

The Return of BioShock?

November 29 2021

A new BioShock is rumored to be revealed in Q1 2022, EA has rejected the Battlefront 3 Star Wars pitch from DICE and the next Halo event has been leaked!

It Will Be Good One Day!

November 26 2021

CD Projekt Red look to have Cyberpunk 2077 be considered a very good game" in the future and NO they have no plans on selling. DICE forgot to add collision to some of Battlefield 2042 buildings and Keanu Reeves doesn't want to come to Mortal Kombat! WHY NOT!

Is BioWare in Trouble?

November 25 2021

Developers are leaving their studios, does this put BioWare in trouble? We get new details on Horizon Forbidden West's open world that's going to feel much more alive and PlayStation Plus games have been leaked for the month of December.

It's a Battlefield of Patches!

November 24 2021

DICE has pages of fixes coming to Battlefield 2042 which means the game wasn't ready to launch! Mass Effect could be coming to Amazon Prime and Harmonix gets picked up by Epic Games to guessed it, music for Fortnite!

Spider-Man DLC is a Misstep for Avenger Fans!

November 22 2021

Marvel Avengers misstep with Spider-Man DLC, Battlefield 2042 is one of the worst reviewed games in Steam history and Xbox Game Pass leaks a massive trilogy.

AAAAND...The Nominees are!

November 17 2021

The nominations are in for The Game Awards, who's running for Game Of The Year? The Game Awards snub's one of the most highly rated games of the year and Saints Row moves out of February and into August.

It's Xbox Exclusive!

November 16 2021

Xbox Boss confirms The Elder Scrolls 6 will be Xbox exclusive, Halo Infinite multiplayer is here and takes the world by storm and it doesn't look like we'll see Beyond Good and Evil 2 anytime soon!

It's a Halo of Numbers!

November 15 2021

Halo hits massive numbers ahead of Halo Infinite's release, was Naughty Dog's next title leaked and when can we play Elder Scrolls 6?

GTA Trilogy Goes Down!

November 12 2021

GTA Trilogy launcher goes down, the trilogy doesn't live up to our memories and FARCRY lead leaves Ubisoft after 10 years.

Where's everything going?

November 11 2021

The Steam Deck is getting delayed, Sony cutting back on PlayStation 5 production plans and Skyrim celebrates 10 years!

It's been 20 years of Xbox!

November 9 2021

Xbox celebrates their 20th year anniversary with the community. Scorn director apologizes after a rather hostile delay statement and Mass Effect will continue!

343 Talks Halo Infinite Battle Pass!

November 8 2021

Halo Infinite Battle Pass details have been revealed and sound great! MGS 2 and 3 are on hold and Sony could bring image upscaling to PS5 and PSVR2.

Spider-Man coming to PlayStation Very Soon!

November 5 2021

Spider-Man arrives on PlayStation once again on November 30th, GTA continues to sell, who doesn't own this game and what's going on with the PlayStation Vita trademark?


November 4 2021

We've seen 15 minutes of ELDEN RING! Take-Two cancels Hangar 13's next title after years of development and $53 million dollars and Square Enix president say's Crystal Dynamic's was the wrong developer for the Marvel's Avengers game!

Activision Blizzard Delays Until 2023!

November 3 2021

Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4 hit with delays until 2023, Xbox looks to the future with the metaverse and Marvel's Avengers removes paid XP!

Amy Hennig Forms New Studio, This Is BIG!

November 2 2021

Amy Hennig returns with a new studio and is working on a Marvel game! Tencent aims for PC and Console and Ubisoft goes crypto.

Skull and Bones lost at Sea!

November 1 2021

Ubisoft's earnings call shed's light on the whereabouts of Skull and Bones, Nintendo shuts down offices and Id Software is working on a long existing FPS.

To Infinity and Assassin's Creed!

October 29 2021

The next Assassin's Creed game Infinity will not be free to play, Ubisoft announces more delays. Are gamers burning out on New World already and we have your PlayStation Plus games for November.

Let's become Infamous!

October 28 2021

State of Play...what was that? Rumor begin to swirl around reviving Infamous and the Sly Cooper series, Stadia is adding more features to the platform and details about PAYDAY 3 emerge!

Let's become Infamous!

October 28 2021

State of Play...what was that? Rumor begin to swirl around reviving Infamous and the Sly Cooper series, Stadia is adding more features to the platform and details about PAYDAY 3 emerge!

What's on the Horizon?

October 26 2021

We learn more about what's in store for Aloy and her journey. Batman could be fighting Gandalf and rumors are starting to fly about a possible Fallout New Vegas 2 game in the works.

The Chief Returns!

October 25 2021

Master Chief returns with new Halo Infinite campaign footage, Sony announces a new State of Play coming this week and Splinter Cell could be like Hitman?

Tomb Raider's reboot was a horror game!

October 22 2021

Tomb Raider could have been a horror game, Batman Arkham Knight uses Google Stadia tech and what are we going to do with February's gaming lineup?

PlayStation's Next PC Title!

October 21 2021

Activision has fired employees, we have details on the next PlayStation title coming to PC and don't expect Microsoft to get into VR any time soon.

Is It Really Him?

October 20 2021

Could the rumors finally be true? Is Sam Fisher back? Rumors continue as there's a possibility Bluepoint is working on a Bloodborne remaster and the sequel and Microsoft is not done buying studios just yet!

It's Another Delay!

October 19 2021

FromSoftware's next title will see a small delay and a free closed beta test. GTA Trilogy data leakers are at it again and the video game industry see's sales numbers climb once again.

DC Games are on the Way!

October 18 2021

We get new details with Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League and Gotham Knights Court of Owls shown off at DC FanDome. 30 second leak of Elden Ring sends the internet a blaze and Nintendo wants how much for the expansion pass?

That's what Hazard Zone IS!

October 15 2021

We finally learn new details about Battlefield 2042's Hazard Zone, Disney is teasing a new Star Wars title and Final Fantasy 14 is on fire!

Time to Celebrate!

October 14 2021

PlayStation celebrates 5 years of PSVR, Epic finally admits it copied Among Us and Undead Labs Founder announces a new studio.

Time to Celebrate!

October 14 2021

PlayStation celebrates 5 years of PSVR, Epic finally admits it copied Among Us and Undead Labs Founder announces a new studio.

It's 00 Agent!

October 13 2021

We say good-bye to what could have been from Rockstar and say hello to our little trilogy. Jim Ryan wants more people playing PlayStation and are we getting a Fortnite movie?

Those aren't Supposed to be there!

October 12 2021

Marvel's Avengers backtracking on their statement, we get more hints at the rumored remake of MGS 3 and Apple appeals the court's ruling!

It's a New Life

October 8 2021

Xbox teams up with Adidas to celebrate 20 years with a new pair of shoes. The Last Of Us Left Behind DLC has a player find an Easter Egg for Uncharted and Marvels Avengers sees new life with a little help from Xbox.

The Battle begins with Battlefield 2042's Beta!

October 7 2021

Battlefield 2042's beta has launched with multiple issues. Twitch sees their source code leaked and possible streamer info as well and New World is cracking down on AFK players.

Smash Bros is a Kingdom!

October 6 2021

We have the final DLC character for Smash Bros. Ultimate. Ubisoft has announced the latest game coming to Ghost Recon that goes Free-to-Play and Xbox will bring accessibility options to the storefront.

Xbox Console shortages extend into 2022!

October 5 2021

Phil Spencer lets us know when we can get next gen consoles. Apple's profits are much more than we thought and Paradox Interactive cancels several unannounced projects!

IS Metal Gear Solid Back???

October 4 2021

Could we be getting a new Metal Gear Solid game? Starfield has a ton of dialogue coming to the game and Rockstar doesn't want to hear it, they know we want GTA6!

Twisted Metal Returns!

October 1 2021

Twisted Metal is back and David Jaffe is hurt! The master's of remakes finally join the family of PlayStation Studios and the first year for Genshin Impact was a successful one to say the least.

Twisted Metal Returns!

September 29 2021

Twisted Metal is back and David Jaffe is hurt! The master's of remakes finally join the family of PlayStation Studios and the first year for Genshin Impact was a successful one to say the least.

Netflix's move to video games is now acquiring studios!

September 29 2021

Netflix's move to the video game space now sees them buying studios. People Can look's to make smaller games and is Valve making another VR headset, something wireless perhaps?

It's a whole New World!

September 29 2021

Amazon launches their latest title New World and it's off to a great start. We get you caught up with this week in Stadia and Xbox Xbox Xbox...they just keep adding more!

Naughty Dog is Working On It!

September 28 2021

Fans are starting to question Naughty Dog about The Last of Us Part 2 Multiplayer, Horizon Forbidden West will see Aloy's skill's used within her gear and Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic is coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Crystal Dynamics is working on what game?

September 27 2021

Crystal Dynamics shocks us with their next title, are we or aren't we getting another Oculus Quest and you can play Google Stadia on your Xbox?

R.I.P Metal Gear!

September 24 2021

Kojima never really wanted to continue creating the MGS series, Halo Infinite Tech test could see a delay and so Respawn is working on a Titanfall game? What?

When is Titanfall 3 Coming?

September 23 2021

Doesn't look like we're getting Titanfall 3 anytime soon, Epic Games wants to bring Fortnite back onto the Apple store and another high profile member leaves Activision Blizzard.

GOD OF WAR RAGNAROK getting a release date?

September 22 2021

Are we getting the God of War Ragnarok release date soon? Legal officer leaves Blizzard Ent amidst lawsuit, and 343 responds to fans about Halo Infinite battle pass progression system.

Activision Blizzard! The saga continues!

September 21 2021

Xbox Controller updates? More Splitgate to come it seems.Apex has a new round of issues and League of Legends changes some rules.

No Way That's Happening!

September 20 2021

Could Quantic Dream be working on a Star Wars title? What's next for Naughty Dog, Uncharted or is it The Last of Us 3 and it made its way into the top 5 on Steam!

Oh those PlayStation Games on PC?

September 17 2021

Could we get a cheaper Storage card for Xbox? Halo MCC seasonal content is coming to an end and NVIDIA Geforce NOW leaks what PlayStation titles are coming to PC.

Horizon Zero Dawn VR?

September 16 2021

Could we be getting a Horizon Zero Dawn/Forbidden West VR game? Xbox will be at the Tokyo Game Show, but it's not geared towards NA, and is Battlefield 2042 going the way of a delay, but not for too long.

Splitgate Looks to Boost Development!

September 15 2021

Splitgate receives massive funding to help with the continued development of the game. Dying Light 2 sees a delay until early 2022 and we're getting a Driver live action series?

Stadia's next step?

September 14 2021

More with Google Stadia as the guys were asked for help, Wolverine will be a full game as mentioned by the director of the upcoming title and details leak about Arkanes next title Redfall!

Stadia loses another one!

September 13 2021

Google Stadia loses another Exec, Jack Buser moves on. Could we get another Star Fox from Platinum Games? And is it over??? Epic wins lawsuit against Apple

Naughty Naughty, The Last of Us 2 Multiplayer?

September 9 2021

Could Naughty Dog be coming to the PlayStation showcase? A RAID is coming to Marvel's Avenger and Spider-Man is still coming as well and we get you caught up in this week of Stadia!

State of Play is on the Horizon

September 8 2021

Was this week's State of Play just leaked? An Alan Wake Remastered listing was leaked and GTA mods are shutting down.

Next maybe for you in 2023

September 7 2021

Bethesda receives backlash from Sony fans about Starfield being an Xbox exclusive. Next gen console shortages could last as long as 2023 and YES, Horizon Forbidden West will be a free upgrade from PS4 to PS5 as previously stated.

TimTheTatman leaves Twitch TOO!

September 3 2021

Another top streamer leaves Twitch for YouTube in the same week! New State of Play next week. Battlefield 2042 beta dates have seemed to be leaked and Abandoned isn't called Abandoned anymore!

PUBG's Brendan Greene forms new studio!

September 2 2021

PUBG's creator Brendan Greene leaves Krafton to start a new studio. Tokyo Game show 2021 is back and once again all digital and more games coming to Game Pass.

CD Projekt Red seeks help for Cyberpunk 2077!

September 1 2021

CDPR looks to bring on the modding community to fix their game. Gamescom saw massive numbers through the digital only event and a Fallout veteran leave's Bethesda.

The Dr. is IN!

August 31 2021

DrLupo signs a deal and leaves the streaming giant - Twitch! Could we be getting a Death Stranding 2? And PlayStation is bringing more to the Open Series Tournaments.

What's up with Halo Infinite?

August 30 2021

Where was Halo Infinite's campaign at Gamescom? We have the details, Halo Infinite multiplayer is changing up the way you earn XP...YOU DON'T! And Discord turned down Microsoft's $12 Billion dollar deal!

It's the Elden Ring!

August 27 2021

Bandai Namco's Elden Ring is already winning awards, Overwatch dev team change McCree's name and cloud gaming is expected to make billions by 2024.

Horizon Forbidden West Next Year!

August 26 2021

Horizon Forbidden West will arrive next year! Sony could be changing up the PlayStation storefront and some PS Plus members are getting locked out?

Halo Infinite Release date leaked!

August 25 2021

Halo Infinite release date has been leaked, when will we play Halo Infinite? We recap the Xbox Gamescom showcase and a sealed copy of Legend of Zelda sells big!

Halo Infinite Almost Delayed?!

August 24 2021

Halo will not have Co-op at Launch!

August 23 2021

Halo Infinite will be missing a few key features at launch, Hideo Kojima might make an adventure game? And the world of Quake is shaking it up on Game Pass

Sea of Thieves is BIG!

August 20 2021

Sea of Thieves is bigger now than it's original launch, Cyberpunk has a new update with free content and Scarlet Witch is coming to Marvel's Avenger that was found in a glitch.

Spider-Man still coming this year!

August 19 2021

Battlefield 2042 pulls inspiration from Escape from Tarkov and Hunt: Showdown. Spider-man exclusive is still coming to Marvel's Avengers on PlayStation this year and Outriders have yet to make a profit despite selling well.

It's out of CONTROL!

August 17 2021

Control surpassed 10 million players. Dishonored is coming to Netflix and will we finally see the Master Chief in a TV series?

So many titles on Game Pass!

August 12 2021

Glu CEO and COO are leaving shortly after being acquired by EA, updates are coming to Oculus for multiplayer fans and EA is bringing even more titles to Xbox Game Pass.

PlayStation Plus Premium Model?

August 11 2021

PlayStation Plus could receive a premium subscription model, we could see a new State of Play next week, and there are more than technical issues at Blue Box Games Studio with the Abandoned Real Time Experience.

A new South Game in development!

August 10 2021

A new South Park game is in development, Xbox is going to Gamescom and we have the details for you plus Xbox Cloud Gaming is available for Insiders on PC.

PSVR 2 Leaks!

August 6 2021

PSVR 2 details leaked, 7 new Indie titles are coming to PlayStation and Activision Blizzard problems continue with shareholders and sponsors.

Battlefield 2042 going Free 2 Play?

August 5 2021

Battlefield 2042 becomes a live service and possibly free to play? Ghost of Tsushima Legends brings on the Rivals and Nintendo Switch is selling well.

14 Million PS5's are coming!

August 4 2021

14 Million PlayStation 5's on the way, a Battlefield short film is on the way and Valve give's permission for Half Life 2 fan remake!

Is Halo Infinite receiving a Battle Royal mode?

August 3 2021

Is Halo Infinite receiving a battle royale mode? Take Two sales dip in first quarter but GTA V hits 150 million copies and Playdate sells out!

Is Horizon Forbidden West getting delayed?

July 30 2021

PlayStation's big title of 2021 could be delayed? The Last of Us, COD and God War dev's team up with a new studio, and PlayStation is looking to bring more games to PC.

Its time...Halo Infinite tech test is here!

July 29 2021

Ubisoft employees are taking a stand, the Halo Infinite tech test begins now...are you ready for the fight? Despite no PS5 consoles available SIE sells in massive numbers...millions!

Activision Blizzard's Response was Tone Deaf

July 28 2021

Bobby Kotick say's Activision Blizzard's response was tone deaf, now it's MGS and Abandoned?...Blue Box is at it again and Valve doesn't want to draw comparisons to the Switch.

Splitgate see's massive numbers

July 27 2021

Rainbow Six Siege looking to bring a warm up mode, Splitgate delays their game, but it's with good reason and there's a cancelled Zelda game from the mid-2000's? Let's go...It's ITG Daily!

Could we play Halo Infinite Soon?

July 26 2021

Could we play Halo Infinite this weekend? For Honor will not be coming to Google Stadia and Activision Blizzard former CEO takes to Twitter. There's lots to talk about so let's go...It's ITG Daily!

It's the EA Play Live Recap

July 23 2021

EA Play Live recap starting with Battlefield Portal, Grid is back, a return of a horror fan favorite and a new title showcased at the event as well. There's lots to talk about so let's go...It's ITG Daily!

Jade Raymond's New IP

July 22 2021

Activision Blizzard being investigated, Jade Raymond's new IP will be a game as a service and there are more surprises on the way for year 2 of Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

Where are you Beyond Good & Evil 2?

July 21 2021

Ubisoft placed a call loaded with updates - R6S, Assassins Creed, Beyond Good & Evil 2, Skull & Bones - Lots to talk about today.

BattleCat is Revealed!

July 20 2021

Ubisoft explains BattleCat and reveals the title of XDefiant. Skate 4 teased from the new studio Full Circle and is The Coalition working on a new IP?

Ubisoft - The Good, The Bad and The Delayed

July 19 2021

Ubisoft is in hot water with a lawsuit, not one but two games become delayed and what does Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon and The Division have in common? A new game!

Steam is going portable!

July 16 2021

Steam goes handheld with a portable PC, is PlayStation's partnership with Netflix to battle Xbox Game Pass and Resident Evil Re-Verse is delayed.

NETFLIX getting into Gaming?

July 15 2021

Netflix wants to bring games to the service, Head of Xbox looks at the PS5 Dual Sense for possible Xbox controller changes and Stadia introduces new rev share for Pro titles.

Rainbow Six Crosses Paths

July 14 2021

Nickelodeon wants to Brawl, Xbox is building more narrative games now than ever and Rainbow Six Extraction will have cross-play and.cross-progression!

Mario 64 is worth $$$$$$

July 13 2021

Mario 64 Sells for over a million dollars $$$ Silent Hill rumors continue and Final Fantasy XIV sells out of digital copies!

PlayStation State of Play Recap

July 12 2021

Cyberpunk 2077 is back on top, Game Pass is great for Avalanche Studios and will we see GOW Ragnarok next month?

PlayStation State of Play Recap

July 9 2021

It's a PlayStation State of Play recap! Was this our PlayStation E3?

Crime Pays in Red Dead Online

July 8 2021

It's a crime in Red Dead Online, Minecraft now has age restrictions and Apex hackers achieved nothing at all!

Assassin's Creed going Games of Service!

July 7 2021

Ubisoft is looking to make Assassin's Creed a Games Of Service, could Valorant be getting a Battle Royale mode, and Pokemon Go made how much in 5 years?


July 6 2021

NINTENDO OLED SWITCH! PlayStation State of Play this Thursday and EA looks to bring ad's to F2P titles! Don't expect to see the next Mass Effect or Dragon Age at EA Play Live this year all that and more!

Are we getting a PlayStation State of Play this week?

July 5 2021

Are we going to see a PlayStation State of Play this week? Google stadia could be on more devices soon and Oculus goes Pro?

Halo Infinite is not Make or BREAK!

July 2 2021

Halo Infinite is not make or break for the IP, Kojima's next game is an Xbox exclusive and no more Smash Bros DLC fighters.

Did Sony acquire another studio?

July 1 2021

Did PlayStation Japan leak another Sony acquired studio? Could we see a new Silent Hill and mobile gamers are spending so much money!

GTA 6 is coming...much later than you think!

June 30 2021

GTA 6 will be 2025!?! Casey Hudson starts his own studio and you can start your Doom Eternal campaign all over again right?

Housemarque Joins the PlayStation Family

June 29 2021

Sony acquires powerhouse team Housemarque, ID Software is working on an untitled project and Xbox Cloud Gaming is now for all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members.

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