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Scot and Steve are back in this Amazing sci-fi survival horror classic Dead Space (2023). Re built from the ground up. Playing as Isaac Clark an engineer, he must board an abandoned mining ship USG Ishimura, to repair but also find out what happen to the crew as well as his girlfriend Nicole.Check out the Review to find out how the Remake of Dead Space 2023 Preforms on PC and PS5

Shadow Warrior 3 Strikes Again!

Lo Wang and Hoji are back again on a gore soaked quest!We dig into Shadow Warrior 3 again as it is re-released on current gen consoles.

Did PlayStation Do It right? PS VR2 Review!

Drew has been playing PlayStation VR2 and you can check out his thoughts. Did PlayStation do it right? Did he like the rumble in the headset? Is it comfortable? Is it responsive? Is this your next VR system? So many questions and Drew has your answers!

Its back, Returnal, but this time on PC. The Review.

After crash landing. Scot and Steve set out to explore the planet of Altrops, as Selene Vassos, voiced by Jane Perry. in search of a mysterious white shadow signal. that seems to have this astronaut trapped in a time loop. In this beautiful roguelike game.After crash landing. Scot and Steve set out to explore the planet of Altrops, as Selene Vassos, voiced by Jane Perry. in search of a mysterious white shadow signal. that seems to have this astronaut trapped in a time loop. In this beautiful roguelike game.

Locked and Loaded! Wanted:Dead Review

This week Cory gets to take an Early look at Wanted:Dead. A slasher/shooter from the great minds who brought you Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive. We Follow Hannah Stone as she and her elite team try to uncover the Corporate Conspiracy plaguing this Cyberpunk Hong Kong. Cory dives into his first impressions followed by his thoughts on Graphics, Audio and Controls. For full details be sure to check out the Whole Review!

Is Hogwarts Legacy Worth Your Money?

Drew, Cory, and Scot talk about their 1st impressions and experiences with Avalanche's Hogwarts Legacy based on the popular Harry Potter franchise. We briefly talk about the controversy surrounding this game release but quickly move on to our first impressions of the world-building, character customization, and our favorite Hogwarts plot scenes. The characters, the castle, and the quirks of the Harry Potter series are just part of the discussion.

Its A Fuzzy Drive! Grid Legends VR

Drew and Steve put on their crash helmets and buckle up, in Codemasters and EA last year game, Grid Legends. Bought from Console to VR. Race on real life circuits like Brands Hatch, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Suzuka International Racing Course in various cities with over 100 vehicles to choose from. With the whole Game ported to the Oculus Quest 2. What could could go wrong..... Make sure you check out our review to find out.

Is Life still Strange On The SWITCH?

Cory is firing up his Switch this week and checking out Life is Strange 2. This episodic story was originally released on PS4 and Xbox one back in 2018. Now its the Nintendo Switch's turn to play out Sean and Daniels story. Cory discusses some of his highlights from the his playthrough as well as some of the things that didn't sit so well with him. Will this port over to the Switch be just as good as the original?! Tune in to find out!

A Nintendo 64 Game Comes to XBOX!

Scot jumps back in time with the return of a Nintendo 64 classic that changed the game! GOLDENEYE 007 has made it's way over the Xbox and the Nintendo Switch. Is it just as good as it once was? Scot knows!

SpongeBob: The Cosmic Shake Review

Take a ride down memory lane with the latest SpongeBob adventure! SpongeBob SquarePants Cosmic Shake game is another THQ Nordic release much like the recently remastered Battle for Bikini Bottom. In this video, we will show you the gameplay, discuss the unique features of the game, and give the game a grade.

EARLY ACCESS Review Farthest Frontier on Steam

Drew and Steve got to check out Crate Entertainment, Early Access Farthest Frontier on Steam. In This City Builder-style game, protect and guide your people as you forge a town from the untamed wilderness. Harvest raw materials, hunt, fish, and farm to survive. Produce crafted items to trade, consume, equip and fight for your survival against the elements. Did I mention a plethora of diseases to contend with as well?

PS5 Exclusive FORSPOKEN Hands-on Review!

Can Frey make it back home and save Athia or will the break infect everything? Drew jumps into the beautiful world of Athia to unravel the mysteries behind the infected and what has happened to those who once helped protect these lands. Should you help become the new hero of Athia? Find out as Drew goes into the Break!

The Pioneers: Surviving Desolation

This week Cory crash lands in The Pioneers: Surviving Desolation. A Space survival/city builder that has you controlling a group of pioneers to collect the necessary materials to rebuild your ship and head home! Cory discusses what he found challenging with the game and some things he learned along the way. The real question is, will Cory be able to Survive or will he find himself Lost in Space!

Spider-Man Miles Morales - PC Review

Cory continues his Spider-Man Adventure on PC with Spider-Man Miles Morales. He follow Miles' story as he learns to become the new protector of New York City. With his new Bio Electric "Venom" Power you will be smashing villain's left and right in an effort to stop the Tinkerer. Cory dives into some of the changes from the first game coming into this one.

Children of Silentown

Steve and Drew are heading to Silentown, where the Village people are disappearing, and loud noises and singing is prohibited or you will be taken to the forest by the Adults say! Play as Lucy as she takes on the detective role to find out what happened to the missing people in her town ,in this beautiful hand-drawn adventure game. explore the town, ask the questions, solve the puzzles to get to the bottom of why everyone is disappearing. Do not expect much help from the adults, lets leave this one for the Children to Solve....

Mortal Sin

Inside the Game is reviewing Mortal Sin, a rogue-like action horror, hack and slash, dungeon crawler game. This Steam game requires wits and reflexes to defeat the hoards of undead, explore different areas, and use portals to other dimensions to make your way through the dungeon. Did we mention you start with one life? We review the controls and layout, level design, weapons, and art style, and give our final grade.

Marvel's Midnight Suns

Drew and Steve put on their capes and spandex, in this Latest Marvel's Tactical, cinematic ,narrative, Turn based card game. Midnight Suns on Xbox series X. as we take on the role of Hunter, Raised from the Dead to help fight and take down his mother, Lillith. with comic book characters from multiple marvel comics such as Midnight sons, Avengers , X-Men and Runaways.With all these amazing characters. what could go wrong.

Predecessor First Impressions

Paragon fell years ago but has been picked up from a few studios since. Omeda Studio's takes on the challenge of recreating the very game, the very MOBA, the very get the point...that started Drew on his quest of the MOBA'S! Here's what Drew has to say about his time with the game.


Drew and Steve explore the open seas as Sigrid, a young girl who befriends a mystery shadow that provides her the power to walk on water.Speed through the waves , and swing yourself from room tops and glide using your net.Defeat the enemies, and save the citizens of the island from the Gloom that lurks. in this beautiful story driven action-adventure game.

High On Life

Saving your planet was only the beginning! From a lazy kid turned bounty hunter, you'll be on one of the most hilarious journey's of a lifetime! Squanch Games came out strong with High On Life that will have you laughing from the minute you start the game until the time you wrap it up. It's a game that reminds us of Conker's Bad Fur Day set in the future. Outright Hilarious!

Lost Eidolons

Steve got his hands on Lost Eidolons, on Steam by Ocean Drive Studio. Set in the Medieval times where the king is set to get anyone that is questioning his Leadership. You play as Eden a mercenary solder forced to become a rebel commander. on a mission to rally his allies and stand against an imperial army, and fearsome monsters in this cinematic Turn Based Tactical RPG.

Logitech G Cloud Handheld

Drew's been playing in the clouds for the last couple of weeks and dives into Logitech's G Cloud Handheld. Looking to play on the go? This could be for you. Drew breaks it all down!

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer

Cory and Scot are ITG's resident FPS guys and this week they are checking out the All New COD MW2 Multiplayer. The guys share their thoughts on the new gunsmith system and some of the new game modes added to this years offering. With some of the new changes the guys discuss what worked and what didn't this time around.

Frozen Flame

Scot and Drew get hands on with this survival adventure game in early access. Is this game worth your time? We'll get into it.


Drew and Steve check out Sommerville on Xbox, where a man, wife, child and dog are woken up by an alien invasion on earth where he is then separated from his wife and child. Can the man and the dog find his family in this adventure game played from a third person perspective by developer Jumpship. with links to other games such as Limbo, Playdead and Inside.


Drew and Scot discuss if Obsidians' latest RPG lives up to the hype.


Drew looks for new beginnings as he searches the Floodlands to rebuild society as the world has collapsed from climate change. Explore, rebuild and scavenge for supplies as they work to rebuild their clan and their home once more.

NHL 23

This week Scot and Cory are hitting the ice in the All New EA Sports NHL 23. This year's offering welcomes Womens players from the IIHF into HUT and other games modes. New X-Factors, Player and Goalie Animations and a robust Graphics Upgrade from last years game. The guys dive into the changes....some good, some bad. Are the changes enough to keep them on the ice or will this one get benched?!

Ghostbusters Spirits Unleased

It's that spooky season and what better way to get into the spookies than busting some ghosts! Steve and Drew get their traps ready to capture some ghost's in Ghostbusters Spirits Unleased!

God of War Ragnarok

Drew and Steve are back again, in this 2022 Highly Anticipated Sequel to the 2018 Phenomenal Game, God of War. As this Journey of Father and Son, is Ajourney you will never forget, as you explore all Nine Realms to find out what your future holds.

The Entropy Center Review

A first person puzzle game that takes inspiration from Portal. Can it live up to its predecessor? Drew and Scot rewind entropy in an effort to save the world.

PGA 2K23 Review

Cory and Drew are teeing off in PGA 2K23. 2K took a year off and have come back to the golf course. This time around bringing playable pros, new licensed courses and even the world-famous Top Golf! The guys dive into all the new changes in this year's game. Will 2K's offering being a Hole in One or are we finding the Hazards??

Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection Review

Nathan Drake's series of action and adventure comes to Steam with the smash hits: Uncharted: A Thief's End and Uncharted: Lost Legacy.

The Last Hero of Nostalgaia - Review

Scot and Drew dive into the latest entry to the souls-like subgenre. A very unique mix of style and grueling combat! But, how does this compare to Fromsoft's masterpieces?

Valkyrie Elysium Review

Steve and Drew are summoned by the All-Father Odin, as the role of a Valkyrie. with her sole task of being the salvation of a doomed world in this third person action RPG game, with the help of your Einherjar to assist you on your quest.

LEGO Brick Tales Review - We're on the Path to Rebuild!

Cory and Drew relive their childhood hopping into LEGO Brick Tales. An Adventure Puzzler that will test your imagination in solving puzzles with your very own LEGO creations! The guys touch on their thoughts about the building mechanics and the overall feel of the game. Will this LEGO creation be worth keeping or will this one fall to pieces!?

Thymesia Review I A Souls-Like You Might Like

Thymesia brings a unique spin on the Souls-like genre bringing a twist the combat. This game may be one you'll want to check out if you're a fan of this genre so check out what the game is all about with Nate's quick review!


Drew went hands on with Starward Industries upcoming title THE INVINCIBLE! What happened to Yasna's crew on this mysterious planet? What are these little fly like aliens? So many questions...does Drew have the answers? Find out now!

No Place for Bravery Review

Cory and Steve strap on the boots of Protagonist Thorn in No Place for Bravery. A 2D top down Action RPG with an excellent pixelated art style and a well made soundtrack. With a deep well told story, the guys find themselves unravelling the mystery of Thorns missing daughter Leaf. Will they succeed in finding her or will she be forever taken by the darkness??

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