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Cory and Drew set out on a strange emotional journey that leaves them scratching their heads. Will they lose touch with reality or will they find their way along these endless highways?

On a mysterious planet, Selene will push to find answers. A Rogue-like bullet hell that places you on the edge in every battle but feels rewarding along the way. Is this your next fight for survival? Find out as Drew has you covered in his review of Returnal.

It may not be perfect, but its DAMN good. Drew and Nate bring you their thoughts on the Outriders.

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Studio And Developer Interviews...

That's right Last Oasis is coming to the Xbox! We had a chance to sit down with Donkey Crew and talk with them about it coming to console.

Drew sat down with some of the incredible voices behind the HITMAN franchise the lovely Jane Perry - Diana Burnwood and the sultry voice of David Bateson - Agent 47 to talk about HITMAN 3 and much more.

Drew and a few others had some time to speak to PEOPLE CAN FLY the visual and technical creators of the upcoming co-op shooter - OUTRIDERS. Will this be your next shooter?