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Our top assassin is back. Agent 47 is back to finish what he has started. New locations, new targets and good old assassinations. Is this the way to end off the trilogy? Find out as Drew and Nate become a chameleon in assassinations.

Drew and Scot head out into Everspace 2 with the latest game from Rockfish Games. Their latest adventure sends the guys much more into the either than ever before. Will their story unfold the way they want, or will they explode in the Everspace? Find out.

Drew and Scot set out to survive a world set in an apocalypse. With a creative art style and a unique setting and gameplay loop. Are the guys ready to continue their Dysmantle journey?

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Studio And Developer Interviews...

Drew was able to sit down with Jeremy Dela Rosa to talk about his new company Leyline and how their helps gamers change the world.

Insert Coin is a film that covers the old days of Midway and a time when lines were full of people with 25 cents ready and waiting. Josh Tsui, the Director of the film talk about his time at Midway and creating the film.

Drew sat down with Teemu from Vaki Games to talk about the studios upcoming title and future plans for KINGSHUNT. This is not what you think is. Don't miss this interview!